Professor awarded for outstanding teaching in film

Dr. Corey Cabonara Mug_TT 10.01.13_0033 OFTWBy Jeffrey Swindoll

Dr. Corey Carbonara, professor of film and digital media, was honored by the big leagues in Hollywood over the weekend.

Carbonara received an award for his outstanding teaching in the field of cinematography.

“I was totally shocked and totally humbled when I was told,” Carbonara said. “It was surreal.”

The International Cinematographers Guild announced on Sept. 19 in a press release that Carbonara would receive the Nat Tiffen Award for his outstanding educational contributions to the art and craft of cinematography.

“It’s a huge honor,” Dr. Michael Korpi, professor of film and digital media, said. “I can’t find you anybody that deserves it more.”

Carbonara is one of four recipients in the awards show this year. Included among the other recipients is Julio Macat, whose first film was “Home Alone.”

“For me to be on the platform with someone of that caliber, and, of course, the other two gentlemen who have made a significant impact on cinematography, it’s such an honor,” Carbonara said.

The presentation was part of a three-day event organized by the International Cinematographers Guild known as the Emerging Cinematographer Awards.

The Emerging Cinematographer Awards started on Friday with a special luncheon at the American Society of Cinematographers Clubhouse in Hollywood, Calif. Carbonara said he appreciates how the presentation is done in a very intimate way.

Only members of the society and guild are present. Carbonara said that it is very humbling to receive an award in front of such esteemed peers and colleagues in the field of cinematography. He said it is a great honor to receive an award from people he has always looked up to.

“It’s always been on my bucket list to go to the ASC Clubhouse,” Carbonara said. “Now, to say that I will have breathed that air and received this award alongside other men who have done great things in the field of cinematography is a blessing.”

The guild is made up of more than 7,000 members who work in the film and television industry, including directors of photography, camera operators, visual effects supervisors, and all members of camera crews and publicists.

During his 30 years at Baylor, Carbonara has received various awards during his career, including one for his important role in developing the first high-definition television.

“I’ve been very blessed,” Carbonara said. “I really don’t feel that it’s as much of an award for me as it is a reflection of the program here at Baylor. We have so many students that come out of our department that we are so proud of. Teachers are only as good as the students they produce.”