Seastrunk’s personality as dynamic as his game

Baylor took on the University of Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013, at Floyd Casey Stadium.  The Bears crushed the Warhawks 70-7. Matt Hellman | Lariat Multimedia Editor
Baylor took on the University of Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013, at Floyd Casey Stadium. The Bears crushed the Warhawks 70-7.
Matt Hellman | Lariat Multimedia Editor
By Parmida Schahhosseini
Sports Writer

As he cuts through a barricade of defenders with his sole purpose being to give the offense a spark, junior Lache Seastrunk is more than just an average running back.

Seastrunk has averaged 139 yards a game this season and holds the nation’s longest consecutive 100–yard game streak at seven games, but his personality is equally as dynamic as his game.

Despite making controversial comments in regard to winning the Heisman, Seastrunk won’t back down from it. He is honest with himself and will tell it like it is. The confident star running back stays true to his personality.

Seastrunk rushed for 156 yards on 10 carries against a University of Louisiana-Monroe defense that allowed 15 rushing yards to Wake Forest and 54.5 yards in its last two games prior to facing Baylor. As Seastrunk continues to put up impressive numbers, the college football world continues to keep a close watch.

“It’s mind-boggling to people that don’t know Lache and have not watched him the last eight football games,” Baylor head coach Art Briles said. “It’s not to us and it’s not to you because you’ve watched him. Every time he touches the ball you’re thinking he might score. I’ve said it, if he gets 20 carries, he’ll get 200 yards a game.”

His sheer natural ability combined with his 5-foot-10, 210-pound physique, is enough to pose a threat to any defense. Seastrunk averages 11 yards per carry and has scored six touchdowns this season. His production has taken pressure off of junior quarterback Bryce Petty, who has reaped the benefits of being the quarterback in such a talented offense.

“He’s a freak,” Petty said. “He’s got a lot of God-given ability. The guy really works hard and we expect nothing less, that’s Lache. He’s our spark.”

While he came from humble beginnings, Seastrunk uses that to fuel his fire as he translates that to his game. With his unquestioned work ethic, Seastrunk is motivated to be the best.

“We work our butts off every single day,” Seastrunk said. “Nothing is given to us. It’s all earned.”

With Seastrunk, it isn’t all business. While his dominant personality may be on display most of the time, he also has a lighter side. When he isn’t on the field practicing, his teammates and friends can find him on the couch watching Cartoon Network or playing as himself on the NCAA video game. Bye weeks are no exception.

“I get to kick my feet up and play video games and study,” Seastrunk said. “OK, study and then play video games.”

Seastrunk only plays with Baylor, but that’s not a problem since the creators of the game have rated him at 99. Fans can also get a sense of his video game skills by comparing it to his play on the field. When asked if he’s able to score quickly, he gave a quick response.

“Definitely” Seastrunk said. “I’m throwing straight to T-Reese [Tevin Reese] all day, I’m pushing the ‘B’ button saying ‘Oh! He’s going to catch it!’”

His dominant play and personality have made him a fan favorite at Baylor. His cockiness can be confused with arrogance, but that’s just who he is. His personality is the exact replica of this play on the field, explosive and dynamic. Having confidence in his own abilities, Seastrunk still is quick to give credit to his teammates, understanding that football is a team sport. The respect he has from his teammates can be partially credited to his charismatic personality and work ethic. Seastrunk doesn’t back down from anything.

When asked which running back he admires, Seastrunk said he wants to create his own legacy.

“I want to make my own footsteps,” Seastrunk said.