Student government offers breakfast for the BAA, Saturday

By Claire Cameron and Shelby Leonard

Student government plans to serve breakfast  at 8 a.m. on Saturday in front of Waco Hall for the Baylor Alumni Association. Members of the association will be voting on the Transition Agreement.

In the student government meeting on Thursday student body president Wesley Hodges said a team of student leaders from all across the campus will assemble in front of Judge Baylor to serve breakfast to alumni.

“The sole objective that we are going for is that as alumni enter that building they recognize that this decision is not soley based on the past,” Hodges said. “It actively involves the future.”

At 11 a.m. Saturday in Waco Hall, the BAA will be meet to deliberate and vote on the Transition Agreement.

If the BAA votes in favor of the transition agreement then the Baylor Alumni Network will be the sole Baylor alumni organization and the BAA will be dissolved. If the BAA votes against the agreement then the license agreement from 1993 between Baylor and the BAA will be terminated, as the Lariat previously reported.

Hodges said no matter what the verdict is the meeting will be important to Baylor.

“This is a huge decision and a huge action in the history of our university,” Hodges said.

The student leaders are not gathering to protest or pursuade the alumni to vote one way or the other.

“Whatever happens that morning we inherit,” Hodges said.

The student government wants the BAA to be aware that the future alumnni of this university value their inheritance.

“Their decision is not thier own,” Hodges said. “It does not affect only them, it affects us as well.”

The student government cares about the past, present and future of Baylor students. Serving breakfast that morning is a way to show their dedication to the well-being of the student body,the alumni and the university.

“The purpose of this breakfast is to show alumni that students care about the future of this university and to show unity as a student body,” Hodges said.