Student government candidates

Student Body President Candidates
HodgesWes Hodges | Senior
Hodges has been a student senator for five semesters. During that time he worked to allocate money to organizations and increase awareness of minimesters.

His platform includes improving safety, recruiting businesses to offer Baylor-specific internships, expanding undergraduate research and advocating for a ferry for the new stadium.

AdamsRaechel Adams | Senior
Adams has been both freshman and sophomore class president and has held several positions related to student safety, including a cabinet position.

Her platform is based on increased safety and improving transportation. She wants to implement a tracking app for the bus system and instill better lighting
off campus.

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External Vice President Candidates
DamrowThomas Damrow | Senior
Damrow has served in student government for three years and worked on the Public Relations Committee.

His platform is based on the desire to start an alumni mentor program and increase the number of local internships available to students. He also hopes to expand the Bearbucks program.

NguyenDallena Nguyen | Sophomore
Nguyen has served on student government for two years and currently serves on the Executive Council.

Her platform focuses on improving campus safety by fixing roads on and immediately around campus as well as working to create more lighting on campus. She hopes to better the relationship between students and the administration.

HoltLexington Holt | Junior
Holt has had three years of experience in student government, is currently the chief of staff to the EVP and has served as interim EVP.

Her platform includes a promise to attend Waco City Council meetings to keep students informed about the community and to start a newsletter to help students stay informed about student government.

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Internal Vice President Candidates
EdwardsDominic Edwards | Junior
Edwards has had two years of experience in student government, working with finance, public relations, branding and the Honor Council.

His platform centers on making student government more transparent and available to students and giving more student groups access to the Student Government Allocation Fund.

HornbeakDavid Hornbeak | Junior
Hornbeak is a two-term senator who has worked on the Campus Improvement Committee and to improve campus safety.

His platform includes the desire to make student government “more than just a bank” to students, while continuing to make campus more environmentally friendly and improve student relations with the administration.