Prado calls it quits in presidential race

By Rob Bradfield
Assistant City Editor

Sophomore vice president Ben Prado has announced his intention to drop out of the race for student body president.

Prado, a Richardson junior, cited his attempted impeachment and the perception that he was not going to receive an endorsement from The Baylor Lariat as his reasons for dropping out.
“I feel like it’s in the best interest of the students of Baylor that I don’t run,” Prado said.

Prado said charges were brought against him at Thursday’s student government meeting for failing to attend the required minimum of two student government meetings.

The three-quarters majority required to impeach Prado was not reached, and the charges were dropped.

In a meeting with the Lariat on Monday, Prado admitted that the charges brought against him were valid.

The Lariat has not made the decision to endorse any candidate and will not reach that decision until all the candidates have been interviewed.

The official endorsement will be announced in Wednesday’s Lariat.

When speaking to the Lariat about his plans if elected, Prado said he would work to improve transparency and communication between students, professors and administrators.

He also emphasized making student government allocation funds more available to student organizations.

Some of Prado’s other goals included improving transportation, security and improving student awareness of road closures due to construction.

Prado said he was in support of allowing Concealed Handgun License holders to carry on campus but believed that the student government would not have a large part in making that decision.

Prado also expressed his appreciation for the diversity of Baylor’s student body, especially in regard to faith.

“There is no one Baylor experience,” Prado said.

After announcing his withdrawal, Prado endorsed both of his former opponents — Richmond senior Wes Hodges and Schertz senior Raechel Adams — and left the possibility for a future presidential bid on the table.

“If everything goes well I hope to run next year,” Prado said.