StuGov votes against officer impeachment

By Dan Henson

At the final Student Government meeting of the semester, it was discussed at length whether or not to impeach Sophomore Class President Ben Prado, who is also running for student body president.

Some of the student senators raised concerns regarding Prado fulfilling his duties.

“It had to do with following and not following guidelines for sophomore class president,” said Student Body President Kelly Rapp.

There was a debate that lasted over two hours.

“It was a healthy debate,” Rapp said.

The impeachment failed. In order for the impeachment to be successful, it required a three-fourths majority vote. This amount was not reached, according to Rapp.

At the time of publication, Prado declined comment.

Internal Vice President Brian Kim said Prado can still run for student body president. If he had been impeached, he would not have been able to run. Kim said that, at the beginning of the meeting, Prado was impeached and the proceedings were to decide if he should be convicted of not fulfilling his duties. Because the charges were not supported by the vote, the impeachment failed.

During the rest of the meeting, the senate passed and rejected several bills.

The Student Senate voted to pass an allocation of $16,000 from the Student Government Allocation Fund for renovations to the SUB Bowl, with a vote of 30-4. Part of the renovations will include permanent speakers. Student Activities would pay an additional $10,000 for renovations, which would include lighting.

“It is practical. We can use it every year,” Colorado Springs, Colo. sophomore Chaplain Meagan Rowell said.

The student government also passed an appropriations act that would allocate $18,075 from the Student Government Allocation Fund to purchase three Big Belly Solar recycling and garbage bins.

“We are looking to buy three units,” senior senator Nick Pokorny said. These units will measure the amount of material inside of them, and will notify the housekeeping staff when they need to be emptied.

Pokorny said the university would start to add more of these units if they prove to be successful. This bill passed with a vote of 20-14.

Student senator Meredith Meece discussed a bill she had authored which proposes an all-way stop at the intersection of M.P. Daniel Esplanade and 8th Street.

“It would fit with the flow of traffic,” Meece said.

Meece also proposed a bill to decrease the amount of papers the Baylor Lariat prints.

“The Baylor Lariat currently prints too many copies of its issues,” Meece said.

Regarding the Lariat app on smart phones, Meece said, “It’s a great source for news when I’m not on campus.”

This bill failed in its first reading during yesterday’s meeting.