Women to talk race, gender issues

By Sanmai Gbandi

My Sister, MySelf is a casual event where women can fellowship and talk about the issues women face in day-to-day life.

The meeting will be at 6 p.m. today in the Baines Room of the Bill Daniel Student Center.

The event is a meeting where four faculty members, all African-American, will lead a discussion between female students about many different issues. The discussion, although facilitated by the faculty members, is dictated by what the students in attendance want to talk about.

Kim Marmon, a resource specialist for the department of multicultural affairs, started the event last year with other faculty members such as the director of wellness Lori Genous.
The event was created with the intention of giving minority women a safe space to talk. Even though they will discuss issues that pertain specifically to women of color, the event is open to women of all races.

“Everyone is welcome to come and share their experiences,” Marmon said.

Any topic is open for discussion. Many of the topics being discussed will be general issues that all women go through, but there will also be discussion about the difficulties of being a woman of color in today’s society.

According to the My Sister, MySelf Facebook page, their goal is to “share information on ways in which they can improve themselves individually and collectively in the community, home and professional world.”

“We talk about so many different things,” Marmon said. “We talk about relationships. We talk about just being a woman, balancing it all. Can you have it all and be a woman?”
Marmon said, as a woman, it can be easy to be silenced. She said this is a good opportunity for young women to speak their minds with no fear of judgment while also learning from the older faculty members who have more life experience.

“We want it to be an opportunity of sharing,” said Marmon, “But we also want it to be an opportunity of knowledge-giving.”