Professional school reps to speak to pre-health students

By Linda Nguyen
A&E Editor

Pre-health students will have the chance to meet and talk to influential people at the professional schools they have to gain admissions to.

Alpha Epsilon Delta is hosting its 40th annual Pre-Health Day Saturday. This event was previously known as Pre-Med/Pre-Dent Day.

Sign-in for Pre-Health Day will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday in the Baylor Sciences Building atrium. There will be sessions during the morning for participants. Registration is closed.

“Pre-health day is a day where deans and admissions reps from health professional schools will hold informational sessions about a variety of topics like interviews, applications, what the profession looks like and what it takes to be a doctor,” said Thuy Nguyen, one of the Pre-Health Day Chairs.

The goal of Pre-Health Day is to help and guide pre-health students through deciding if a professional school is the direction they want to go and if it is, to guide the students through the application process.

The event this year was changed from Pre-Med/Pre-Dent Day to Pre-Health Day in order to appeal to more students.

“We changed Pre-Med/Pre-Dent Day to Pre-Health Day this year because we wanted to make it better and consider all students who are pre-health,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen said the Pre-Health Day chairs have been preparing for this event since October.

“It’s been a year-long process,” Nguyen said. “We’ve been calling all the health professions schools, corresponding with them by email, getting AED members to volunteer to help set up, host the representatives, help with tear down.”

Nguyen said she thinks Pre-Health Day is an important event for pre-health students.

“I am one of many students who are pre-health, and I want to help other students get the information they need to succeed and achieve their goals,” Nguyen said.