The Student Government Programming Agency accepts applications

SGBy Kate McGuire
Staff Writer

Even students not in student government can still play a part.

The Student Government Programming Agency is accepting applications for potential student leaders who are interested in coordinating and hosting student government events.

Houston senior Brian Kim, Internal Vice President and Ennis senior Briana Treadaway, External Vice President for student government are holding the first meeting at 6 p.m. Monday in the Student Government Office for applicants who want to be a part of the programming agency. The application currently states that the deadline to apply was Jan. 18, but according to Kim, that is a mistake. The applications are due Friday.

“We always wanted to get this started,” Treadaway said. “Right now we’re going to start meetings to lead students and get their feet wet.”

This agency is meant for those students who did not want to be an officer or intern last year or who do not wish to attend Senate meetings. The program was proposed by Kim over winter break and is beginning with the start of the new semester. It will continue until the end of spring semester, but it will begin as a year round program starting next fall, Treadaway said.

Treadaway said, “Its great for students who like networking.”

According to the Student Government Programming Agency Application, “The program is a great opportunity for students to learn about Student Government, and to become future official members.”

Kim developed the idea to have a programming agency when he saw that other universities like Texas Christian University had programs set up to engage student leaders to work together to benefit their student government.

“Here all members will be working together instead of separately,” Kim said.

Members of the agency will plan and host events such as monthly town hall meetings, ‘Blinded’ dinners, Coffee with Student Government and other events tailored to helping officers, according to the Student Government Programming Agency Application.

Treadaway directs the ‘Blinded’ dinners but once the agency gets started, the members will help plan these with Treadaway. Students who participate at these discussion dinners are blinded with blindfolds and prompted questions from professors on hot topics trending globally such as race and sexuality, according to the Student Government website.

“It’s the perfect event for the programming agency to plan and be a part of,” Treadaway said. “The town hall event falls under Kelly Rapp. We’ll have a topic once a month and invite alumni from the Baylor Alumni Association.” Topics such as scholarships will be discussed, but the purpose is to get students engaged and to set up connections.

Kim and Treadaway encourage students to apply for the agency and are also looking for someone to be a director in charge of The Student Government Programming Agency. Those interested in the position should apply within the same application but denote that the application is for the director position. Applications to be a member or a leader are to be submitted over the weekend prior to a previous statement noting the deadline be at 5 p.m. Friday.

The director could be a current student government member or a student committed to Baylor and who would like to experience in hosting events, according to Treadaway.

Last school year, the student government set up an internship program where Baylor students learned the ins and outs of student government by working individually alongside the executive officials.

“The interns were assigned to an executive member and then they were able to assist their mentors,” Kim said.

If students have any questions contact Brian Kim at or Briana Treadaway at or visit the Student Government website.