The hunt for new student regent begins

Student Regent Comic FTW2By Kate McGuire
Staff Writer

The position of student regent is up for grabs.

The open application for a new student regent for the 2013-2014 school year is under way. The Baylor Board of Regents introduced the position of student regent last year.

The student regent is a non-voting regent who is allowed to be present during non-executive board meetings. Because this position represents the students of Baylor, this regent will have the opportunity to raise thoughts or questions about issues concerning students and the campus, according to the student regent application. The Baylor student body president works with the student government to bring up ideas that will benefit the campus and its students. While the two positions are almost the same, each has a different agenda.

The application states that students must be in good academic standing, and must be knowledgeable of Baylor’s mission, goals, aspirations and visions. Applicants must also be Christians who have accepted Christ as their savior. A regent must not only represent the students, but also must have a good reputation with the faculty and staff of Baylor and stand for everything Baylor represents to society.

The applications are due by 5 p.m. Friday in the Vice President for Student Life office on the first floor of the McLane Student Life Center.

Student Body President Kelly Rapp was designated the first student regent for the 2012-13 school year.

“We decided to appoint Kelly once the decision had been made to have a student regent. He has done a great job of being what a student regent should be,” said Dr. Kevin Jackson, vice president for student life.

is debating whether the future student regent also may be able to serve in other positions within student government.

“Right now the board is deciding whether the regent can be student body president as well,” Jackson said.

Regardless of the Boards decision, the student body president and student regent will work closely together to bring up important issues to the board of regents.

“It’s such an exciting time now that we have a student regent,” Rapp said.

Jackson said the student regent can only communicate through the chair of the board.

“Student regents are not communicative through the chair and cannot report to the media,” Jackson said. “There is a part of confidentiality in this student regent position.”

Rapp can only comment as student body president and cannot discuss what matters the board is working on, but he gave insight as to what the student government plans to be working on in the next year.

“We have a couple of initiatives we are working on in maintaining and upholding Baylor’s mission – Pro Futuris,” Rapp said. “We want Baylor to become more global and we are constantly trying to reach, to gain student input.”