ROTC, Veterans of BU to raise, guard flags in remembrance

By Amanda Tolentino


Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC and Veterans of Baylor will host a Veterans Day vigil at 11:30 a.m. today on Fountain Mall.

The ceremony will begin with an address from former United States Army veteran Dr. Curt Nichols, who is a West Point graduate and a political science professor at Baylor. The ceremony will continue with a presentation of the colors and flag-folding ceremony. “We want people to realize Veterans Day still happens every year, and understand that we have lost 2 million soldiers since 1917, which most people don’t realize,” Sherman senior Rachael Harrelson said. “Currently there are 430,000 in service members.” Harrelson served in the Navy for eight years.

Harrelson said Nichols will address the meaning of Veterans Day, welcome alumni and thank the veterans for their service. The Baylor Army ROTC Color Guard will present the colors. Three Baylor student veterans will conduct the flag-folding ceremony, including Harrelson. Harrelson said 600 flags will be present throughout the day on Fountain Mall which will represent 718 fallen soldiers and veterans.

In continuance of the recognition of Veterans Day, the Baylor Air Force ROTC and Army ROTC will guard the flag outside Pat Neff Hall for 24 hours in honor of Veterans Day. Veterans Day is Sunday, and the vigil will take place from midnight Sunday to midnight Monday.

Albany, N.Y., senior Serena Walker and Air Force ROTC, said the flag vigil serves to honor fallen heroes. The Arnold Air Society, a service organization for Air Force ROTC cadets, organizes the vigil. Any cadet, from Air Force ROTC and Army ROTC can sign up to participate in the vigil in 15-minute shifts. The Waco Veterans Day Parade will begin at 11 a.m. Monday, beginning at 13th and Austin Avenue and continuing to City Hall.