The Baylor Lariat Stress Test

It turns out, not surprisingly, that the Baylor community has a lot to stress about. In descending order, the top things that stress us out are: Class, money, failing, finding a job or internship, politics, work, relationships, family, pets, ego, graduation and taking Lariat surveys.

The top ways we deal with stress, listed in descending order, are: Spend time with friends, eat, pray, read or write, exercise or play sports, consume alcohol, listen to music and watch ESPN.

Other ways that the Baylor community relieves stress include cleaning, sleeping, baking, talking about the stress, target shooting and spending time with a significant other.

When asked if you or anyone you knew ever used a less than legal substance to get ahead at work or in school, 50 percent said that they knew someone who had, 44 percent said they didn’t know anyone who had and 5.6 percent said they had themselves.
Of those surveyed 16.7 percent said stress had a high or very high effect on their personal lives, 50 percent average, 11.1 percent said low and 5.6 percent said very low.

Have you or anyone you know used a less than legal substance to get ahead?
I know many who use various drugs prescribed for ADD. I also know a person who smokes weed everyday.

Usually adderall to get through lots of homework.

I know people who have used the stuff but not to get ahead in anything

What level of effect does stress have on your personal life?

Stress can cause me to becomes short tempered or easily frustrated with the ones I love unintentionally.

I am constantly edgy and tired, and I overreact to things, causing my friends to become frustrated with me.