Representatives for districts 17, 22, 12, 56 decided

By Laurean Love

Staff Writer

Incumbent Bill Flores earned a second term in the U.S. House Tuesday defeating Libertarian Ben Easton. Flores received 85 percent of the vote.

No Democrat ran opposed to the incumbent. Flores was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for his first term in November 2010.

When asked what the next four years hold for him, Flores responded by breaking down the possibilitied of the presidential election. He expressed strong support for Governor Romney, but not so much for President Obama.

“If President Obama is reelected then it will be a little bit more of what we have had to do the past two years. Essentially continue to try to do everything we can to slow down his agenda, which is hurting the middle class and hurting the private sector and the service of what I call is the firewall to try to protect the American people,” Flores said.

Flores represents the 17th Congressional District of Texas, serving on the House Budget, Natural Resources and Veterans’ Affairs Committees.

“He has proven he can do the job and I am very pleased that he was reelected,” said Texas House Representative, Charles “Doc” Anderson. He has to cover a lot of ground, but he has been willing to do that and he has done a good job. We look forward to him serving again. The folks we have for Texas are really a good group of guys so Bill fits right in with that.”

Never having held an elected public office before November 2010, Flores entered the Republican primary against 10-term Democratic incumbent Chet Edwards.

Flores said this year’s campaign was a lot smaller in scope compared to the couple million dollars they spent last year on advertising. He was able to spend more time helping other candidates like Francisco Canseco in Texas District 23, Randy Weber in Texas District 14 as well as a candidate running for senate and a couple of state races.

“It allowed me to be able to use my network of influences and contacts and ability to help other people,” said Flores.

Opposing the incumbent during this year’s election is Libertarian candidate Ben Easton.

Easton received his BA in Philosophy from Washington and Lee University in 1981.

Easton currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Although the odds were favored in the incumbents favor Ben Easton is still proud of his accomplishment as a Libertarian candidate.

“However, do I believe Texas would do well to elect a Libertarian congressman,” asked Easton. “I would say certainly, yes. I think that – my philosophy – my platform, which is the libertarian platform, is the very best that there is, and that’s’ why I’m proud to be a libertarian. I’m proud to be the candidate.”

Flores was born at Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyo., where his father was serving in the military.

After his father’s military tour of duty, the family returned to their roots in a small town in the Texas Panhandle, Stratford.

Flores is a ninth generation Texan and the oldest of six children. As the son of a rancher, Flores would quickly learn the value of hard work.

At only 10 years of age Flores began delivering papers and by 13, he was working 12 hours a day, six days a week, driving a tractor, building fences and working cattle.

Despite the hardships, Flores paid his own way through Texas

A&M University, graduating Cum Laude with a BBA in accounting in 1976.

Flores has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant since 1978. He would also go on to receive his MBA from Houston Baptist University in 1985.

For close to three decades Flores worked in the energy industry as CFO, COO and CEO.

Before retiring to pursue public

service, Flores served as President and CEO of Phoenix Exploration Company, an oil and gas company focused on the discovery of American oil and gas.

Flores currently resides in Bryan, Texas with his wife of 33 years. Where they would raise two sons, Will and John.