La Lola Loca truck to open on Baylor campus

By James Herd


With the temporary absence of the Common Grounds taco truck comes another mobile food distributor.

La Lola Loca is a food truck of Latin cuisine that will be opening on the Baylor Campus today.

The thing that sets this food truck apart from others in the past is that it will be in different places each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“It will be open Monday through Friday, and it will be travelling around campus during different time periods,” said Jessica Gallippo, Marketing Manager for Baylor Dining Services. “So breakfast, lunch and dinner it will be in different spots around campus. In order to find out where it’s going to be, you need to ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter because every day we’ll post where we’re going to be next.”

However, some find that to be a chore.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea,” said El Paso senior Ashleigh Duff. “It’s not so bad, especially for students on the run that don’t have time for dining halls, but that constantly moving is going to get frustrating for some students.”

According to the beginning schedule on the official website for the food trucks, they will be visiting key locations on campus such as North Village, Carroll Library, the Student Life Center and the McLean Tennis Courts.

To determine an appropriate schedule for their route, Baylor Dining Services would observe traffic at the locations in an effort to determine which would be the best, most populated stops.

The truck itself, vibrant and brightly colored, sports a memorable slogan which can be read from a good distance away: “Don’t look at us like we’re Loco, you are too,” a slogan that may pave the way to success for the beginning franchise.

Examples of menu items include empanada dippers, taquitos, tacos, quesadillas, taco’dillas, pulled pork Cubano sandwiches and much more.

The truck will host its grand opening tonight on 5th Street at the bonfire.

“We’re really excited about it,” Gallipo said. “We’re a pilot program here. It’s one of ten trucks in the entire nation that’s doing this pilot program for these brand new food trucks. We’re excited here at Baylor to be apart of that program, and we look forward to seeing the student excitement and engagement when we open [tonight].”

For more information on La Lola Loca, visit or search for ‘LaLolaLocaBaylor’ on Facebook and ‘Lolaloca_Baylor’ on Twitter.