Women’s basketball > football

No. 42 post Brittney Griner blocks a shot by Oklahoma City No. 14 guard Kayla MacKenzie during the game on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012, in the Ferrell Center.
Matt Hellman | Lariat Photo Editor

By Krista Pirtle
Sports Editor

While the football team is busy trying to scrape a win out of the goose egg in the conference win column, the women’s basketball team is protecting its 40-game win streak.

What’s the difference between the two besides the obvious?

Football head coach Art Briles focuses on offense while women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey is centered on defense.

Let’s look at the facts.

The women’s basketball team has not allowed a team to shoot over 50 percent since March 25, 2006.

On average, the women’s defense allowed the opposition to shoot 31 percent from the floor.

Conversely, the football team allows its opponents to convert on third downs 62 percent of the time.

People of America, football’s defensive allowance doubles the women’s numbers.

The argument that both teams caught lightning in a bottle last year is completely invalid, football did, with the likes of Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III to never be matched or topped again.

The football team has been to a bowl game the past two years with Griffin in the pocket.

Losing a quarterback for such an offensive-minded squad is more devastating than you think.

With Griffin on the field, it was a challenge not to score.

The defense still did not stop anyone last season, but it didn’t matter.

Go back to last year’s upset over Oklahoma, Baylor’s first victory over the Sooners in their 20-game history.

The defense gave up a touchdown, and Oklahoma was up with under a minute to play.

Baylor got the ball deep in its territory but found the end zone due to a rocket from Griffin to now senior wide receiver Terrance Williams.

People knew how bad the defense was last year but no one really cared with the scoring threat Griffin brought.

And now the football team is chilling at the bottom with Kansas and no conference wins to its name.

As far as the Lady Bears are concerned, winning is the way of the program.

Since their national championship in 2005, the Lady Bears advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in 2006, the second round of the Big Dance in 2007 and 2008, Sweet Sixteen in 2009, Final Four in 2010, Elite Eight in 2011 and were the untouchable National Champions last season.

With senior phenom Brittney Griner, the women’s basketball team has never been fully dependent on her.

Women’s basketball is a lot more consistent.

Why? Because it plays defense.

Defense allows a team to control the game because shots will miss or fall, and passes will either be caught or fall incomplete, but a strong defense will always make a stop.