Survey: Labs at Baylor: How do our readers feel?

This time the Lariat readers came out in number to tell us how they felt about labs at Baylor.
When asked how well the coursework related to the lab work, 54.2 percent said it related well, 41.7 percent said it did not relate well and 4.2 percent said it did not relate at all.
When asked to rate your lab experience, 8.7 percent of responders said it was very good, 30.4 percent said good, 34.8 percent average, and 26.1 percent bad.
When asked if they supported a change in the way labs were done at Baylor, 62.5 percent said yes, 4.2 percent said no and 33.3 percent were indifferent.
Of those who responded, all but one had taken a lab at some point in the past, or were currently taking a lab.
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I went to lecture every class day and I’m still not sure half of what we were supposed to be learning. It was like statistics but spacey.

Usually the labs are like a separate course altogether.

The lab covered concepts in biology but the concepts covered differed than those taught in the actually biology class.

The assignments do not correlate to what we learn in class, the lab is poorly written, in that it does not ask clear questions, and it is out of date.

Most of the time, the material covered in the lab would be either ahead of or behind lecture. Except for neuroscience.

Neuroscience lab has nothing do with lecture and it feels like I’m wasting time since I’m not a science major.

Bio lab is a waste of time. It doesn’t go over anything we learned in class. Neuroscience is the only useful one.




Lab should be done with the professor teaching the course. At least have the professor walk through the lab during the class, not just leave us with the graduate students only.

It would depend on what the change would be. I don’t think the labs themselves are bad or the curriculum within them. I do believe they should be worth more than an hour credit.

If one is not going into a science or science-related profession, labs hold little relevance to one’s college education, much less future career.




The lab assistants aren’t very clear about what we should be doing in the lab, so the majority of the time everyone was confused on what to do and how to do it.

The TA’s were always nice! Geology lab was tough because my professor’s English was so hard to understand, and that affected my grade.

The grad students that teach the labs often are unaware of what the lab entails and therefore cannot be asked questions.

The instructor definitely did not want to be there and his lack of passion in the subject or act of teaching showed.