Student Senate may make final exams easier on students

By Jocelyn Fowler

Thursday’s two new bill proposals at the Student Senate meeting could prove crucial to student’s comfort during finals.

Senator and Rockwall sophomore Brock Sterry introduced a new bill to student senators that would reform Baylor’s final exam policy if passed and accepted by the university. It will undergo a vote next week. The current policy allows students with three or more finals on the same day to file an appeal with a professor or dean to move one of the finals to a different date. The Final Exam Policy bill proposes that students be permitted to file an appeal if they have three or more tests within 24 hours.

“I’m hoping that the bill will pass, and I think it will because it helps students with exams,” Sterry said. “It’s pretty tough in college to have four exams within two days, or three exams with 24 hours. It’s a little unfair to have to study for that many tests in such a short amount of time.” In accords with election season, Scottsdale, Ariz., sophomore Michael Blair presented the Debate Site Resolution to senators. The bill details the Student Senate’s commitment to bring more high-profile speakers to campus, especially political candidates. With a gubernatorial and Senate election two years away, Blair is hoping to rally his fellow senators into passing the legislation.

“The main goal of it is to bring high-profile speakers, specifically from the political arena, to campus for students to hear from,” Blair said. “Why can’t we host a gubernatorial or senatorial forum for students to listen to here? It would provide phenomenal exposure for students.” Both bills will be put up for a vote at next Thursday’s senate meeting.