Students showcase talents for After Dark

By James Herd


Baylor’s annual variety show, After Dark, will be held tonight in Waco Hall. Artistic talents that have been practiced for weeks will be displayed for all to see.

Out of more than 70 talents who auditioned, there were 13 acts chosen to participate, a difficult decision according to Cheryl Mathis, the assistant director of campus programs.

“There were almost 70 people, 70 acts that auditioned, and there were 13 spots available. You’ve got to really make your mark.” Mathis said.

“I’m pretty excited for it, it’s a great opportunity. To be honest, when my friend Daniel and I auditioned, we didn’t think we’d make it. We just kind of wanted to have an exercise of auditioning,” sophomore Jordan Tucker said. “We made it, and we were both really excited. It’s a great opportunity to show our skills and to represent the School of Music.”

Mathis said this year will be one of the most diverse shows over the past few years.

“We have everything ranging from a yo-yo-er to a comedian to a dance troop to instrumentalists,” Mathis said. “It’s got a really big range and a lot of different ages and classifications represented in the show.”

Tucker said it’s interesting to see the kind of talents people at Baylor have.

“You’d be surprised about…how many people can do so many great things that you wouldn’t expect,” Tucker said.

As to the acts, Tucker said that his act will impress, despite that it is more laid back than other acts might be.

“It’s a lot different. We’re playing a jazz song, so I guess it depends on how the audience interprets it, but some people may be really relaxed about it and enjoy it. Other acts are going to be pretty engaging and pretty exciting, while ours is more laid back,” Tucker said. “I feel like it’s a different kind of talent that some people will appreciate.”

For parents and family who have never visited campus before Parents Weekend, Mathis said the performances are definitely fun experiences.

After Dark is the annual variety show, so not only are [parents] going to see a wide range of students and their performing art on stage, but one of the new additions within the last few years has been the experience of still art from students that will be shown out in the lobby,” Mathis said. “It really is a variety show of everything from painting to photography to dance to monologues to vocal performances, and it’s a great way to see the talent that is represented in the Baylor student population”

And to those students who auditioned but did not make the cut, Mathis says to keep trying.

“I would recommend to come to the show and just kind of see what it’s all about and start planning ahead for something that’s really going to catch our eye and add to the variety of the show,” Mathis said. “Make it as polished as possible for that audition.”

Tickets to the show are still on sale both online and offline through the Student Activities Tickets Office or at Tickets range from $10-16 and show times are 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. today.