How should we treat public breast-feeding?

This week the Lariat asked you about how you feel about public breast-feeding, and the experience of nursing mothers on campus.

We had record numbers respond to this survey, and a variety of responses from our readers.

Of those who responded, 25.6 percent were male and 74.4 percent were female. Only 52.5 percent of those who responded had children and of those 19.7 percent had one child, 17.9 percent had two, 12.8 percent had three, and 2.6 percent had four or more. None of those who responded had more than five.

Of those who responded, 50.8 percent said they had breast-fed their children and 8.5 percent did not.

When asked, 60.7 percent of responders said they strongly supported public breast-feeding with 23.1 percent supporting, 6 percent were neutral, 6.8 percent opposed it and 3.4 percent strongly opposed public breast-feeding.

When asked how well Baylor was doing supporting nursing mothers 61.5 percent of responders didn’t know. Of those who did 1.7% said Baylor was doing a very good job, 2.6 percent a good job, 7.7 percent an average job, 12.8 percent a poor job and 13.7 percent said Baylor was doing a very poor job accommodating nursing mothers.

Thank you for your responses and tune in tomorrow for the next week’s survey.