How registered are you?

    The Lariat recently asked you about the restrictions on partisan voter registration drives at Baylor, your political leanings and registration status. You responded and here are your answers.

    Of those that wished to specify a political party 41 percent were Republicans, 38 percent Democrats, 6 percent Independent and 3 percent were either Libertarian or Constitution party.

    When asked if they were registered, 96.8 percent said they were 3.2 percent weren’t.

    Only 10 percent had ever registered at a registration drive.

    Thank you for your responses and tune in tomorrow for the next week’s survey

    Rob Bradfield


    The act of voting is not a Democratic or Republican act, but an American act.

    Though I may not agree with their views, I respect them if they are well informed. My views are just that, and I am comfortable with them regardless of where I am or who I am with. Being ashamed of my political views is, to me, equivalent to being ashamed of my heritage.

    During my time at Baylor (which is fairly recently), Baylor Democrats and College Republicans hosted a joint event/dance party-registration drive. Any one and everyone could come, eat snacks, dance to some music, and register to vote if they were not already registered. Why didn’t Baylor have a problem then?

    Even beyond the simple question of impropriety of the volunteers (hopefully that would never happen, but …), signing up to vote is a RIGHT; it may be “about” politics, but the act itself is completely non-partisan. There is no room for party politics in the act of registration.

    It was poorly handled. Some adults get so paranoid they forget to use their brains.

    The government has ruled that partisan organizations should not be prohibited from voter registration drives. All over the country, political parties and their activists can send text messages, e-mails, and even drive people to register to vote. Why should our campus be any different? People are smart. The notion that someone might vote for Obama just because the Baylor Democrats hosted a registration drive is absurd. There were not even any signs or indications that the Baylor Democrats were in charge of the drive! An average person walking up to the table would have no idea.

    People need unbiased facts so that they can make up their own minds and not be influenced by an organization pushing an agenda.

    It’s important to know what’s going on and try to spread correct information to others, so they can also make informed decisions.

    A system of government such as ours cannot persist if its members are disinterested or disengaged in its fate.

    I recognize and acknowledge the impact politics and governance has on daily life and I like to have a say in that.

    I have my opinions and like to hear other peoples’ as well.