Baylor’s Uproar Records continues its search for talent

By James Herd

Students are making an uproar at Baylor through Uproar Records, the student-run record label that holds auditions once a year.

Started by a group of music and entertainment marketing students, Uproar devotes itself to showcasing the best of the best in student musicianship.

Each year, Uproar releases a compilation album that showcases the talent of that particular year and gives musicians the opportunity to play at locations on and off campus, as well as build upon their knowledge of social media to help make them a success in today’s evolved music field.

“I think they do allow other majors and other people that are just passionate enough to follow what they really enjoy,” said Colleyville senior in Management Information Systems major Henry Jordan, “I think that’s great because, you know, not every great band or great musician makes it big. So people have many passions, many skills, but if they have that music passion and they want to pursue that, they also maybe want to have a plan B or want to have something to fall back on if it doesn’t work out. I think it gives them a great opportunity to do something they love while also having the security of something in the background.”

Competition is tough, as the organization accepts only a small number of acts every year.

Some artists, who were featured on last years roster include O, Loveland, Fifth and Fite, Holly Tucker, Layne Lynch and Trannie Stevens. Despite the difficult competition, some are thankful for the organization’s presence in their lives.

“It has changed my life dramatically because I now know so much more than when I went in it in the first place,” said Lorena sophomore Holly Tucker, who also was a member of the Uproar roster in the 2011-2012 school year. “They taught me so many different things about how to prepare for a gig that you have to do, or how to write songs.”

Tucker said being with Uproar helped her become a better musician.

“Be prepared for anything and everything, because sometimes you could show up to a gig and it might not be what you expect, and you just kind of have to roll with the punches,” she said.

Auditions will be held this Saturday and Sunday in the Bill Daniel Student Center Den.

Signups for auditions are available at If you are a music marketing major interested in management, more information can be found by visiting the Baylor Business website.