Student Senate passes BYX, Howdy bills

Jocelyn Fowler

The Brothers Under Christ Island Party bill avoided a potential wipeout at Thursday’s meeting.

Ultimately the BYX bill was passed unanimously with the vote of the 27 senators present. Opposition to the bill came during its review by the finance committee. In a decision of two affirmative and three against, the committee did not want to recommend the bill for passage because of concerns about the amount of funds requested.

“We look at how much of the event we’re funding,” said San Antonio senior Dan Manuppelli, the finance committee chair. “The main concern was that at that time we were funding 43 percent of the event.”

Senators also expressed concern about changes to the event this year, such as a different location and limiting admission to Baylor students only. However, representatives from BYX assured attendance would remain high and finally won over the finance committee by lowering the percentage coverage from 43 to 39.

The senate also passed the Pi Beta Phi Howdy bill, approved a budget proposal from Houston senior Brian Kim, the internal vice president, and resolved issues stemming from inconsistencies between the student body constitution and the student senate bylaws.