I spent some time outside Moody Library asking the basic football questions to Baylor students about the 2012 football season

Q & A
with Daniel Hill

I spent some time outside Moody Library asking the basic football questions to Baylor students about the 2012 football season

Baylor Student A:

“I’m a freshman so I’m really excited to run the line and stuff. I’m a big football fan.”

Do you know who the quarterback is now?


Baylor Student B:

Do you know who the quarterback is now?


Why are you going to the game on Sunday?

“Well this is our first game, isn’t it? That’s why.”

How many games do you think Baylor will win this year?

“Five or six. Because I heard we are not really good without RG3.”

Baylor Student C:

How excited are you for football season?

“I’m very excited. I’m excited that we are expected not to be as good this year. Even though we’ve been on top for so long, I feel like now we’re kind of like the underdogs, especially like not having RG3 obviously.”

Do you know who the quarterback is now?

“Um, yeah, I don’t know his name. If his name was in a multiple choice list, I’d know it. (momentary pause) Nick Florence!”

How many games do you think Baylor will win?

“Out of 12, I think maybe 12.”

What do you like about going to Baylor football games?

“It’s just fun to see like everyone being there and rooting for the same thing. You see people every day and you know that they are Baylor students, then it’s really cool seeing everyone, you know, freshmen all the way to seniors and then alumni still showing how devoted they are.”

Do you have any gameday traditions or habits?

“I mean I go tailgate and stuff but that’s about it. I haven’t been a very devoted fan”

Can you name anyone at all that is on the team besides Nick Florence?

“Ummm… nope”

What do you think the score will be on Sunday?

“What’s the highest score you can get in football?”

Well, last year the most points we scored in one game was 67.

“OK, I’m going to go with 66.”

Baylor Student D:

How do you think the team is going to do this year?

“I think they’ll actually do pretty well. Better than what a lot of other reporters like on ESPN would say. “

Do you happen to know who the quarterback is this year?

“Yeah, Nick Florence.”

What do you think is going to happen in the game on Sunday?

“I think it’ll be a good game. SMU has a good team, but I think we can pull it off.”

What do you like about going to the football games?

“I’ve never been to one before. I’m a freshman.”

What are you looking forward to most?

“Running the line.”

Can you name anyone else on the football team besides Nick Florence?

“Yeah, Jarred Salubi, Terrance Williams and Ahmad Dixon.”

Did you follow Baylor a lot last season?

“Actually, last year I didn’t even know who Baylor was.”

Oh, really?

“Actually, I watched the TCU game ,though, and that was really cool. That was the first time I found out what Baylor was.”

Did seeing the football team last year have any impact at all on you coming here?

“I want to say no, but I have to admit yes.”

Baylor Student E:

Are you excited about the football team this year?


Do you think we’ll be any good?

“Yes. I don’t know. I feel like, not as good as last year but we’ll be OK”

Last year we had RG3. Do you know who the quarterback is this year?


Can you name anyone else on the football team?

“Troy. Troy Baker. But only because he’s my friend.”

What do you like about the football games?

“Tailgaiting. The spirit. Everything. Hanging out with everyone.”

Did you go to a bunch of football games last year?

“Yeah, I wouldn’t always go inside, but I would be outside the stadium.”

Baylor Student F:

Are you excited for football this year?

“I’m super excited. After that big season we had last year and coming off of two consecutive bowls.”

Are you a big Baylor football fan?

“I went to every home game last season except for Rice.”

What do you like most about going to Floyd Casey and watching football?

“Well, I’ve lived in Waco pretty much all my life. I’ve been to the Baylor games where they weren’t so hot so just to see where they’ve come over the years that’s really been cool. They are one of the most dynamic offenses in the nation now, which is crazy. You never would have thought about that four or five years ago. I’m just looking forward to seeing where we’re gonna be. You know our whole theme this year is “the future is now” so that fits really well. We’re on the up and up right now.”

On losing RG3:

“I mean he definitely was a key factor but I think it was an all-around team effort. He was a great player, he was. He’s hard to replace but at the same time we have a lot of good players on the team.”

How many games do you think we’ll win?

“I want to say that we can do the 10 games again. Ten is the goal. I mean, we still got all of our receivers except Kendall Wright. We have a lot of depth. Nick Florence, I mean we saw him in the Texas Tech game and he looked really hot. I’m expecting really big things out of him this year. He has big shoes to fill but I think he’s pretty good. He’s started before when Griffin went out so he has experience. He is a smart guy and he has a lot of talent. I think he’ll do really well. I would think that we would at least get eight (wins). I think we can get for sure eight. I think

we can do better than that. They’re striving for a Big 12 Championship. That’s what we want. Like you heard the players, they are not going to settle for eight I’m sure.”

What’s your single favorite thing about going to a Baylor football game?

“The atmosphere. Especially when we are on defense. I remember last year when we were crazy with the whole ‘kill, kill.’ I remember years ago we never had that. It’s cool to be in that kind of atmosphere at a Baylor game.”