Rockers against politicos using music at campaign events


Not so fast, Mr. Candidate!

Silversun Pickups is the latest band to take issue with politicos in this election year. The alt-rock band from L.A. recently sent a cease-and-desist letter to presidential candidate Mitt Romney to stop using the group’s 2009 song “Panic Switch” at campaign functions. The Romney campaign said it won’t play the song again.

Here are some other musician on politician rebuffs:

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN VS. RONALD REAGAN: The Gipper didn’t really understand what The Boss was saying in “Born in the U.S.A.” when he referenced Springsteen on a New Jersey re-election stop in ’84. Bruce was not amused.

EVERYONE VS. JOHN MCCAIN: Sen. McCain could not get permission from the Foo Fighters, Jackson Browne or even John Mellencamp to use their songs when he campaigned in 2008.

SAM MOORE VS. BARACK OBAMA: During President Obama’s 2008 run, soul man Moore asked that the future POTUS stop using Sam & Dave songs in his campaign.

TOM MORELLO VS. PAUL RYAN: Rage Against the Machine guitarist Morello was so angry when he heard Romney’s VP pick, Paul Ryan, was a Rage fan back in the day, that he wrote a scathing Rolling Stone editorial about it.