Sports Take: Fans need to rise up for Lady Bears

By Krista Pirtle
Sports Writer

The last time the Lady Bears made it to the title game, I was in eighth grade, sitting on the couch with my dad, cheering them on.

Now, seven years later, I’m sitting on the sidelines popping my gum to make sure I don’t say a word since the media has to appear unbiased.

In 2005, the Lady Bears in the championship was a surprise; this year, anything less would have been considered an upset.

Whether it is expected or not, a Baylor team in the national championship is something to be excited about.

It is almost like the fans have taken the business-minded approach that the team has, but I feel like Baylor Nation needs to go crazy. Now.

I rode the bus with the students to Denver, and as we lined up to send the team off to the Pepsi Center, we were told to act like teenage girls when Justin Bieber walks by.

The team feeds off our excitement and energy.

So, Baylor Nation, let’s rise up and help our team reach its goal and take care of business.

It is not often that you get to cheer on your own team at the championship game.

There are plenty of other schools that wish they were in our shoes right now.

But they aren’t.

Fling your green and gold afar, even your neon green if you have it.

These women have worked hard to go undefeated with the toughest schedule in the nation.

To them, it means nothing if they do not bring home the title Tuesday evening.

This is not the time to wear your cool pants because it isn’t Baptist-like to dance around and cheer for your team.

Take your cool pants off and spur the team on with your pride and support.

If the season ticket holders can jump around like crazy at the Final Four, mind you most of them are retired, your college self can jump around too.

When the men advanced to the Elite Eight, campus was electric, both literally and figuratively.

So why not get excited for the women even though this game has been expected for a while now?

The Lady Bears have a chance at making history with a 40-0 record and bringing home their second title in seven years.

C’mon, Baylor Nation.

The time to rise up is now.

Cheer loud and sic ‘em, Bears.