Students to fight human trafficking in 5K race

By Linda Wilkins
Staff Writer

Baylor students have come together to host “We Run BecAuse,” a 5K race that will take place at 8:30 a.m. Saturday at the Waco Dam. The money raised by the race will go to the A21 Campaign, an organization that fights human trafficking.

The race will start in the parking lot off Skeet Eason Road, just past the Waco Regional airport.

With 105 runners registered, surpassing the goal of 100, registration has closed, but donations are still being accepted, Lincoln, Neb., senior Kelcy Workman said. Workman led the organization of the race.

The registration fee was $20 and, as of Monday night, $1,360 was raised through registration fees, donations from sponsors and anonymous donations, Workman said.

The purpose of the race is to raise awareness about the A21 Campaign, also known as Abolishing Slavery in the 21st Century, which focuses on fighting human trafficking mainly in Eastern Europe, Workman said.

The idea to host an awareness race in Waco came from Workman’s experience at the World Mandate Conference, which was hosted by Antioch earlier this year.

There, she said, she became aware of the A21 Campaign and heard of other similar races.

Workman said the costs of the race were covered through “smart budgeting.”

“We were able to cover the costs of the race because we were able to get a lot of things for free through our contacts and resources,” Workman said.

For example, having the race start at the Waco Dam is free, unlike starting at Cameron Park, she said.

Woodlands senior Laney Horton helped with the social media portion of planning the race.

She said Workman was the main person with the vision to start the race.

“It was Kelcy,” Horton said. “She had a passion for [fighting] human trafficking — we all do — and she loves running and she felt like the Lord told her to do a run for the campaign.”

Horton said she is glad to have a way to fight human trafficking while still in college.

“I can’t be on the front lines in college — I need to graduate first — but doing something like this gives me something tangible to work on,” she said.

Christine Caine, director of Equip & Empower Ministries, and her husband, Nick, founded the A21 Campaign in 2008.

“The A21 Campaign’s comprehensive approach includes raising awareness, preventing future trafficking, taking legal action and offering support services to survivors,” the Equip & Empower website states.

To donate to the cause through We Run BecAuse, go to