Christians contribute to Proverbs-themed blog

By Bre Nichols

Sigma Phi Lambda is launching the One Heart Movement today with a 31-day blog that will follow the book of Proverbs.

The blog will feature posts written by religious leaders in the Baylor and Waco community intended to give readers practical life guidelines based on biblical truth.
Authors will publish a new post each day to correspond to the 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs.

Arlington senior Christine Lau, open party chair for Sigma Phi Lambda, manages the blog and is in charge of contacting leaders from the community including pastors from local churches, chaplains and leaders from Baylor Spiritual Life.

The purpose of the blog is to create awareness about living a biblical lifestyle, Lau said. She said she got the idea to start the blog after joining a friend in a 31-day chapter reading of Proverbs.

“I really got a lot out of it, and I thought other people might want to do something like that too,” Lau said. “I thought, ‘Why not make it relevant and make it a blog and give insight from other people to show what God is doing in their own lives?’”
Leaders from around the community will be taking a deeper look into each chapter in Proverbs.

“The chapters of Proverbs are full of wisdom on how the Lord wants us to live our lives,” Lau said, “and it’s practical things that people can apply to their lives to get a better understanding and to walk out in this lifestyle.”

Houston senior Devin Li, fraternity chaplain for Phi Kappa Chi, chose Proverbs 19 for his blog entry. In it, Li gives a lesson on what he believes is the main theme of Proverbs ­— the fear of the Lord.

Li said he wants readers of the blog to take away an understanding of biblical life guidelines.

He also said he hopes readers will understand that becoming a man or woman of godly character doesn’t mean becoming “a better version of you.”

“The church isn’t a museum of good people, but a hospital for the broken,” Li said.
Jeff Walter, assistant director for campus recreation at Baylor, is contributing a devotional based on Proverbs 2.

Walter said he wants readers to understand that “God is not hiding,” and like in any good relationship, people must make themselves available to God.