Sports take: A love letter to the BCS

Dear BCS organizers,

I am absolutely thrilled with your decisions this year. Although the vast majority of America wants to see a playoff system and there are probably ways to have that make more money anyways, you guys have really stuck to your corrupt principles and kept the BCS Championship series.

The BCS bowl series this year, in particular, was extremely well-organized. The bowls were perfectly selected. Many people might have thought that LSU should have played Oklahoma State, you know, since they’re clearly the top two teams. 80 percent of the voters on ESPN wanted to see Oklahoma State in the championship instead of a game they’d already seen, but you all were smart enough to know better. Seeing Alabama in the championship will be super boring and that’s what America really wants, even if Americans say they wanted something completely different.

Think about if Alabama wins and how cool that will be. You guys know this already, of course, but I want to go through the reasoning so I can really praise it as much as it deserves.

If Alabama wins, a team that didn’t even win its conference championship will be the national champion and, since you guys are still smart enough to not put in a playoff system, you can’t blame it on the excitement of a tournament. Nothing but pure, unbridled entitlement for Alabama!

I also want to praise you all for not selecting any of the teams ranked between sixth and ninth for a major bowl. Given that the major bowls are theoretically supposed to represent the top 10 teams in America, a lot of people would have probably expected you to actually select the teams that deserved to be there.

As a graduate from Kansas State, how could I not love seeing my team in the Cotton Bowl instead of getting one of the at-large bids?

Being eighth in the country, they certainly deserved to be in a more important bowl, but now they’ll get to play in a lesser one. Much less stressful for the players; I can see that you were clearly looking out for their well-being by ignoring them and instead choosing Virginia Tech (ranked 11) and Michigan (ranked 13) for the Sugar Bowl.

Even cooler is West Virginia – ranked 23rd in the country – being included in one of the major bowls. They definitely deserve to be there because they won a really mediocre conference. You guys were smart enough to say “Rankings be damned!” when setting up the BCS structure and for that I applaud you.

No one would have rather seen potential Heisman winner Robert Griffin III lead the 12th-ranked Baylor bears to a victory than see West Virginia play, and you guys were smart enough to figure that out.

On top of all of this, your ability to continue not doing a playoff system helps to make the Heisman race more muddled than it needs to be, especially given that Heisman voting is inexplicably placed before the thing you call a post-season. That definitely doesn’t need to change.

I mean, it would be a lot clearer whether Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III should actually win the Heisman if they, you know, got to play each other, but America doesn’t want that. America doesn’t want the best person (RG3) to win the Heisman outright. The country wants a surprise disfigured by lobbying and conference bias. That’s what America wants and you guys are making sure we get helpings of it.

How could I not love the Bowl Championship Series? March Madness is by far the least exciting time in all of competitive sports and I would hate to see something totally not exciting like that implemented in football. Filling out brackets and competing with friends is horrible – I want more meaningless bowls with teams that don’t deserve to be there and you guys have never failed to deliver.

Joshua Madden

PS: I really, really hate you, BCS organizers.