Editorial: President’s Scholarship Initiative proof of strong alumni support

One of the most tangible examples of Baylor alumni support is found in projects like the President’s Scholarship Initiative, which, after only six months of existence, recently surpassed $20 million.

The scholarship fund was announced Sept. 15 with a goal of $100 million.

The initial $20 million is made up of small donations. President Ken Starr said there are no “transformational gifts” within the $20 million — a sign that the Baylor community as a whole is dedicated to the initiative’s mission.

Baylor has a lot to offer both students and alumni. For students, it is the largest Baptist University in the world, offering them a place to study in a Christian environment, a Christian environment that couples research and excellence with Christian ethics—resulting in a first-class education.

It also offers an array of student activities, Division 1 sports, tutoring and advising for struggling students along with a host of career services to successfully launch students into the real world.

Once students reach this real world, Baylor reaches out to alumni and keeps them in the Baylor family.

Whether you are in Waco or Hong Kong, you can continue to find services offered through the Baylor Network and a host of other Bears to fellowship with.

This family atmosphere is what makes Baylor such a special place to study and call home, but this experience comes with a hefty price tag and one that continues to climb. For the 2011-12 school year, the estimated cost of attendance is $42,212.

The President’s Scholarship Initiative is a prime example of members of the Baylor community coming together and doing what they can to draw new Bears into the Baylor family.

The initiative means students who might have been unable to join the Baylor community will now be able to do so. Baylor is enhancing the diversity of the university, and bringing in students from all walks of life.

As former Bears, our alumni understand the financial burden of a college degree. The support from alumni make a college degree more attainable for entering freshman and increases the caliber of our school.

This scholarship represents the best of Baylor’s Christian values: reaching out to the less fortunate, serving the community and loving people.