Sale of wrist accessories to benefit United Way

Matt Hellman | Lariat Photographer
Baylor students sell silly bandz that spell out 'MORE' as part of a fundraiser for United Way Monday, Jan. 31, 2010.

By Sara Tirrito
Staff Writer

Student government is sponsoring a fundraiser to support United Way of Waco-McLennan County.

Beginning Wednesday, students can purchase a package of two Silly Bandz, one in Baylor green and the other in gold, for $1.

The bands are in the shape of the word “more” — a symbol of the university’s United Way campaign slogan — and will come packaged with information on Baylor’s campaign and Waco’s United Way organization.

“Baylor’s United Way campaign slogan for the past two years has been ‘More Than Me,’ so we just thought it would be a wonderful tie-in to that,” Baytown senior Cristina Galvan, student body external vice president, said. “They’ll not only serve as a way to raise funds, but also a way to remind students of the needs in their community.”

Houston senior Michael Wright, student body president, said he believes the “More Than Me” slogan means that students should reach beyond the Baylor community to serve others.

“We’re so blessed to be students at Baylor and be afforded this great education, and along with that I think there’s a deeper calling to serve our community and serve Christ and serve beyond just ourselves,” Wright said.

Student government hopes to sell 1,000 pairs of bracelets, but will also welcome any additional donations, Galvan said.

Wright said he hopes the fundraiser will help increase student awareness and involvement in supporting the United Way campaign.

“In the past student participation has not been very impressive, so I think our goal this year is just really to build awareness,” Wright said. “I’m not sure that we have an aggressive financial goal, but as long as we can build awareness about the United Way campaign, then this year is a success.”

Marcia Dutschmann, assistant to the associate vice president for human resources, said getting students involved in raising money for United Way is an important part of showing total support from the Baylor community to the Waco community, and that every donation can make an impact.

“A monetary donation as little as a dollar can do a great deal right here in Waco-McLennan County,” Dutschmann said.

Funds raised will go to United Way of Waco-McLennan County to be allocated to the organization’s partner agencies, such as Salvation Army, Caritas of Waco and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Waco, among others.

Keith Richardson, fundraising campaign coordinator for United Way in Waco-McLennan County, said the organization has received good student support from Baylor in volunteering and community involvement in the past.

“I think it’s important for students to get involved because it paints an accurate picture of the needs in our community and shows them ways that they can help their neighbors throughout the future,” Richardson said. “Through volunteering, Baylor students are able to see the needs of our community and learn ways to address those needs.”