Students couple school with jobs

Nick Berryman | Lariat Photographer Jesse Campbell, Fort Myers, Fla. junior, goes to school full-time while also working 20 hours a week.
Nick Berryman | Lariat Photographer
Jesse Campbell, Fort Myers, Fla. junior, goes to school full-time while also working 20 hours a week.

By Kelly Galvin

Being a full-time college student is a stressful and time-consuming job in itself, but some students add real, money-making jobs on top of that. Making time for homework and studying while leaving time to make it to work can be a real struggle, but there are many reasons for students to have jobs while still in school. Some have to help pay for their classes while others just want extra spending money on the weekends.

El Paso junior Devin Etzold decided to get a job at George’s Restaurant and Catering to have extra money to spend.

“I knew it would be a challenge to do school and work, but I figured a couple hours a week wouldn’t be too hard,” Etzold said.

An organized schedule and being good at time management helps Etzold make it work.

“The managers were very helpful when I was making my schedule; they were very flexible,” Etzold said.

Fort Myers, Fla., junior Jessie Campbell, another working woman, said having school and work is all about priorities.

“I take my homework with me, so I can work on it during my break, especially during finals. It’s all about multitasking when applicable,” Campbell said.

Campbell works 20 hours a week in the makeup art cosmetics department of Dillard’s and is an active member of the Baylor crew team.

“Crew has taught me a lot about making priorities and making time for the most important tasks,” Campbell said.

Both women said school comes before work no matter what, but have little trouble making time for both.

“I love my job, and I know if I were to see a slip in my schoolwork I would have to cut back,” Campbell said.

Etzold said the key to keeping up with both college work and a job is using your entire day.

“There really isn’t any time to be lazy. I am always doing something,” Etzold said.

Keeping busy is not hard for these two hard-working women. Both are involved in organizations at Baylor while taking classes and working a job.

Houston junior Julie Christiana may not be making money for what she does, but the hours she puts in it constitutes as a job. Christiana is a Baylor cheerleader and has many practices in a week while also cheering at basketball and other events. “The coaches understand that we all have school and give us time to get our studies done,” Christiana said.

Being a cheerleader, Christiana has to miss class to be at school events.

“Before I miss my classes I talk to my professors to makes sure I won’t be behind when I get back,” Christiana said.

These women know what takes precedence over work, and school is why they are at Baylor.“Work acts as a nice release from school, it’s a great way to step outside the Baylor Bubble throughout my week,” Campbell said.

There are many students who go to school and juggle a job all while making sure their grades don’t suffer.

“My grades have stayed consistent since I started my job,” Etzold said.

There are many responsibilities a college student has to take care of and adding a job to those responsibilities may not be easy, but it is doable.

“Staying ahead also helps when you know you’re going to be gone,” Christiana said.