The New Old Guys

A Baylor Baseball series

By DJ Ramirez | Sports Editor

If it isn’t evident to anyone who’s met me during my time at Baylor, I’m really into baseball. Baylor Ballpark is my happy place and as a freshman in 2018, I got to witness a magical season that ended in a Big 12 Tournament title run. Since this was my last semester as a student journalist, I wanted to work on something special before I graduated. I wanted to tell the stories of these seniors who’s journeys I’ve gotten to watch. When I was a freshman, the team had the original Old Guys leading out of the bullpen. Now four years later, the New Old Guys have continued that legacy.

Fifth-year senior Hayden Kettler has been a staple of the starting rotation during his time at Baylor and has strung together extended outings in 2021.
"I would say, being able to play any position just came from my childhood, and honestly, if you want it bad enough — you want to be in the lineup bad enough — you'll do whatever it takes to get out. And that's kind of what I've done."
It seems Jimmy Winston was made to be a bullpen arm. Not knowing when he'll be called to war has made him comfortable in his role because he doesn't have time to overthink.
Battling through injury and finding a role on the staff wasn't easy for Logan Freeman, but he's worked his way into being cool and calm under pressure for the Bears.
Lefty reliever Ryan Leckich is a spark on the pitching staff, playing every game like it's his last.