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• Editor: Food’s reach allows for beefed-up coverage
• Waco community joins to feed kids
• Over the Limit and Around the Binge
• Reaching for the Stars … falling into the void
• Urban café with restorative roots
• Video: The Olive Branch
• A cookie-cutter path to a career? Not exactly.
• Fasting feeds the spiritual
• Waco limits diet of Jews, Muslims
• Serving food, finding peace
• Seeing Red to get fed
• Subway dominates new era of fast food
• Benefit of agricultural subsidies in dispute
• Czech Stop: How the West was won
• Tennis players discuss prematch eating habits
• BU Ballpark vendors cover all bases
• Dr Pepper unites Waco, Baylor
• Cupping for a cause
• Student group capitalizes on excess food
• Resetting the bread crumb trail
• Busy schedules changing one meal at a time
• Student chefs simmer toward fresh future
• Video: What’s in Your Fridge?

Editor: Food’s reach allows for beefed-up coverage

Here’s the thought I had: Let’s write about food. I thought of the idea to dedicate months of work to such a broad topic, thinking I wouldn’t get past the brainstorming stage. In the concept stage, however, I realized food is at the core of everything. In reality, the prevalence of food has lulled humans into an ignorant trance that takes many forms.

For instance, the overindulgence state — where some humans consume so much food, according to a recent study . . .

Waco community joins to feed kids

For the 27,000 students on free and reduced lunch at schools in McLennan County, finding balanced meals throughout the summer can prove challenging.

This year, several Waco groups are joining together to strengthen the city’s branch of the USDA Summer Food Services Program, which provides free meals to any child between the ages of 1 and 18 at various sites throughout the summer regardless of their socioeconomic status. Some sites provide breakfast as well. Sites are . . .

Over the Limit and Around the Binge

The word addiction brings to mind images of people popping prescription pills, injecting, inhaling or smoking dangerous substances. Most people don’t realize an addiction can be just as dangerous with a seemingly innocuous substance vital to a person’s survival: food . . .

Reaching for the Stars … falling into the void

The lights burn bright as members of the crowd talk among themselves, a dull drone humming throughout the room. Jennifer Bell, a 22-year-old University of Texas student and singer, takes the stage at a local coffee shop, centering herself before performing her newest work . . .

Urban café with restorative roots

It’s 9:01 a.m.

Two men leave after sitting and talking over a cup of the downtown blend and the plantation blend — dressed ready for work. They are headed in for the 9-to-5 day.

Four women sit around a center table, Norah Jones’ smooth voice audible but not blaring. Laughter and smiles ebb and flow throughout the women’s conversation. Juxtaposed behind them on an olive green wall in a white, heavy serif font is the mission of this place: The Olive Branch
. . .

A cookie-cutter path to a career? Not exactly.

If you find yourself passing out cupcakes to friends and only getting silence in return, you might have used salted butter.

Flower Mound junior Casey Evans is known by her family and friends as the one to go to for an amazing home-cooked meal, but in this case she learned the hard way if salted butter is used in banana chocolate cupcakes, a recipe that already calls for salt, your friends will hesitate eating your food again . . .

Fasting feeds the spiritual

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus retreated into the wilderness in order to fast for 40 days. For Muslims, fasting is one of five pillars serving as a foundation of their faith.

Ghandi even employed fasting as a means to protest British dominance in India. Faiths all over the world have a rich history and tradition with fasting as a form of spiritual discipline or using it for means of prayer and worship.

The practice of willingly depriving oneself of food is by no means an ancient or dead tradition, but remains an important part of faith of many individuals, including . . .

Waco limits diet of Jews, Muslims

Students who eat kosher can expect trouble in finding kosher meat markets or dining areas in small cities such as Waco.

There is not a single meat market that sells kosher meat in the city, as confirmed by Waco Custom Meats & Seafood Inc, Michoacana 1 Waco, TJ Grocery and all the other meat markets listed in the local Yellow Pages.

Kosher meat is meat that comes from animals deemed fit to eat according to the books Leviticus and Deuteronomy. In order for meat to be considered kosher . . .