Registration opens for Love the Run You’re With 5K

Photo credit: Dayday Wynn

By Rachel Smith | Reporter

The Department of Wellness will put on the second annual Love the Run You’re With 5K starting at 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 17 in conjunction with the Counseling Center’s Hope Peace Love event, which takes place Tuesday.

Department of Wellness graduate apprentice Sarah Madsen said the race takes place in February to help students reflect on the healthy relationships they do have, like those with friends and family, whether or not they currently have a significant other.

“Both the Counseling Center and Wellness Department want to provide activities the week of Valentine’s Day to promote healthy relationships, self love and caring for one another,” Madsen said.

The race’s route will weave through campus, beginning at the Baylor Sciences Building and ending at the McLane Student Life Center. Madsen said the race provides students a way to make time for exercise since many may neglect working out because of the pressures that come with the college experience.

“It’s accessible,” Madsen said. “Our race fee is $5 for the 5K, which is extremely low.”

Students can register online, and the first 400 participants will receive a race t-shirt. San Antonio senior Marianna Arana participated in the 5K last year.

“It was a fun thing to do on a Friday that was cheap and good for you,” Arana said. “It was cool doing it with friends.”

Intermittent signs decorate the trail with messages that encourage participants to think about their healthy relationships. Arana said she remembered a sign that read, “Think of someone who encourages you.”

“It kind of allows for a time of reflection as you run,” Arana said. “There are different dimensions of wellness, like physical fitness, but also it shows emotional and intellectual wellness by thinking and reflecting.”

Fitness and nutrition within the Wellness Department provides programs and services to assist students with exercise, training and nutrition, as well as promotes special events, according its website.

“I feel like Baylor has a lot of campus events,” Arana said. “This event stuck out to me because it was something centered around physical activity.”

Arana said the 5K tends to fall in the midst of test weeks, so participating in the race is good for students’ wellness.

“There’s a lot of things you could do on a Friday night, but this is something that helps you physically, spiritually and emotionally,” Arana said.

Registration for the Love the Run You’re With 5K will remain open until the race begins at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 17.