Baylor football homecoming perspective

Sophomore kicker Drew Galitz, kicks the ball after the Bears early touchdown in the first quarter against the Kansas Jayhawks today at McLane Stadium.

Behind the Scenes: Homecoming from a Football Player’s perspective

By: Shayla Kelley

Baylor University’s Homecoming game is a very special event. Traditions like the bonfire, parade and concerts bring together all those who love the university. On game day, students swarm McLane Stadium to find a perfect seat on game day, all cheering and rooting for their team to win. However, the perspective from Baylor football players is something different.

Junior kicker Chris Callahan said to him it’s special knowing that everyone is coming back to Baylor to watch them play.

“All the festivities, all the traditions and the game make Baylor a special place on Homecoming weekend,” Callahan said.

Former member for the football team, junior Blake Mahon said “it was also awesome to see the amount of people who would come out for the pep rally the night before.”

The football players must remain focused on the game, so they can’t really participate in the festivities like the other students at Baylor.

“Our coach usually doesn’t let us participate in the Homecoming traditions until after the game, because we are mainly focused on winning so we as a school can have a great homecoming,” said junior receiver Quan Jones.

Although it may be easy to lose that game mindset, Jones said while he enjoys all the perks of homecoming weekend, he makes sure the focus remains.

“The atmosphere on the field is amazing and very mind blowing seeing all those people in the stands but as a player you have to stay calm and collected so you can win the game,” Jones said. “And also during Homecoming week the crowd is usually extremely ‘lit’ as we say nowadays.”

Callahan also agreed that the is one that he will never forget.

“The atmosphere is a little different during the game,” Callahan said. “You can tell there’s something in the air, something that gives you that extra beat of the heart.”

Callahan said that preparation is not really that different compared to other football games of the season.

“As a team, you want to be consistent with your preparation for every game,” Callahan said. “However, it’s hard not to see all the distractions going on campus right now. Eliminating the distractions is tough, but we have to stay strong and focus on getting ready for the game.”

Jones also agreed that the preparation looks similar if not the same compared to other games.

“The preparation is the same for every game; we look at every game the same and want to compete at a high level,” Jones said. “We always have that Big 12 champion feeling with everything we do!”

Callahan said that the pressure is about the same during this Homecoming game compared to all the other games of the season.

“I don’t think there’s any more pressure than any other game,” Callahan said. “Every game has pressure. We have a goal and that’s to win the Big 12, so we have to take it to the other team each game, every snap until the game is over. We want to win.”