Think you’ve got style? Lariat searches for Baylor’s Best-Dressed Bears

By Krista Pirtle
Sports Writer

Are you feeling snazzy? Looking fly? Expressing your personality through the medium of fashion? Have you seen any fabulous people around campus lately? If you are (or you do), nominate yourself (or that fabulous person) to become Baylor’s Best-Dressed Bear.

That’s right: the Lariat is starting a new column recognizing Baylor’s best-dressed people. Once a month, your friendly Lariat staff will choose one well-dressed Baylor student to receive this prodigious honor.

Imagine being named the most fabulous person on campus for an entire month. Submit candidates by e-mail to We’ll check it throughout the month.

All submissions must include the candidate’s name, classification and contact information. We’ve got to be able to let you know if you win, after all. Be sure to include your year and major.

Remember, it’s not just about outer beauty. Character counts. “Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting…” says Proverbs 31:30, but a well-dressed, well-rounded Baylor student might just find lasting recognition as Baylor’s Best Dressed!

You don’t necessarily have to be the most beautiful person on campus – just the best dressed. You don’t even necessarily have to be that, because if we don’t get any good submissions, we might pick the actual bears on campus. They don’t even wear clothes, so that’d be a pretty embarassing loss for the Baylor community.

So, are you looking straight paid? Do you look like a million bucks? Even if you didn’t actually spend that much, creativity and character can go a long ways toward becoming Baylor’s best-dressed bear.

We’re even willing to look at game day attire. If you have what it takes to impress Erin Andrews on ESPN, how could we ignore you? If your game day threads have what it takes, we’ll definitely consider you for best dressed bear.

I can already hear you asking questions about this contest. “Are there going to be PRIZES?”

Well, maybe. We say maybe because here at the Lariat, we’re only going to award true greatness. We’re not going to give out prizes to just anybody. If you win hands-down and completely stomp the competition, then yes, a prize may be possible. But otherwise, you’re fighting for honor. That’s a pretty big deal too.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want a chance at the glory and possible prizes we have in store for Baylor’s best-dressed bear, then you better you go ahead and send your emails now.

Caroline Brewton and Joshua Madden contributed to this article. Submit candidates to