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High schooler’s aspirations become reality with band

High schooler’s aspirations become reality with band
February 22
06:16 2013
The Brett Hendrix Band is a country band started by Lorena High School senior Brett Hendrix.  Matt Hellman | Lariat Photo Editor

The Brett Hendrix Band is a country band started by Lorena High School senior Brett Hendrix.
Matt Hellman | Lariat Photo Editor

By Ryan Daughtery

The Brett Hendrix Band is a Texas country band mixed with blues and southern rock. However Hendrix said they don’t have a confined musical style.

“It’s hard to describe,” he said. “We try to please everybody. One minute we’re playing John Mayer and the next minute we’re playing George Strait. We’ve even been known to do reggae.”

Hendrix is the lead singer and guitarist. His older brother Chance is the drummer and manager. Marlin junior Austin Brown sings the background vocals and is the lead bassist. Richard Hoxworth, a Baylor graduate, is the other singer and guitarist.

Hendrix said Hoxworth’s addition to the band has been a much-needed move that has opened up new musical opportunities.

“Adding Richard added a whole new level to the band and allowed us to bring in a new style because he plays the guitar a lot differently than most people,” he said. “He can also sing very well so I don’t have to sing the whole night.”

Lead bassist Austin Brown alternates between schoolwork and practicing with the band. He said he finds schoolwork more challenging than playing in the band.

“It’s more of a challenge to be a student than it is to be in the band,” he said. “My passion is in music so it’s much easier for me to work on the music than it is for schoolwork.”

Brown said he enjoys being a part of the band but he doesn’t plan on being a musician after he graduates from Baylor. He is studying music and entertainment marketing and entrepreneurship. He said lately he has found a niche helping out with the management side of the band.

“Being an artist and a musician myself, I understand what they need, so working on the business side, I can relate to that,” he said. “I really want to see aspiring bands reach their goals.”

The Brett Hendrix Band has performed at the Elite Café and El Chico near Baylor’s campus. They also play often at the Slippery Minnow, a restaurant located on the Lake Waco Marina.

The Brett Hendrix Band has also performed at the Hog Creek Ice House in Speegleville.

Last December, Hendrix and his band won a competition at Hog Creek Ice House that landed them a three-song demo, a music video and a spot to open for Clint Black at last year’s Waco Cattle Barons Ball. This was a start for Hendrix and his band and he said he hopes to build off of it.

“We got to cut three of my original songs, but we’re still looking to record a full-length album that’s probably going to be between 10 and 12 songs,” he said.

Sometime this year, Hendrix hopes to see the first album released. He said he also hopes to spread his band’s name across the state.

“Instead of just playing in Waco, I want to try to get it all over Texas,” he said. “We’re looking into playing in the Galveston area and Green. We’re looking to spread it out to even West Texas like San Angelo and go north to Dallas.”

Brown said they are still improving every day and that he takes pride in being a part of the band.

“I’ve made a lot of sacrifices and things,” he said. “It’s kind of like our child almost. We’ve seen it grow and we’re still seeing it grow.”

The Brett Hendrix Band will next be performing at Vitek’s BBQ on Thursday and will also perform at the Slippery Minnow on March 2. Shows are free and tickets are not required to attend.


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