Lawsuit against three current, former BU football players resolved

Bravvion Roy turned his Baylor defensive tackle career into a sixth round draft pick by the Carolina Panthers. The lawsuit filed by his former landlord has been resolved for all parties. Lariat File Photo

By Vivian Roach | Staff Writer

A civil lawsuit filed against former and current Baylor football players Deonte Williams, Bravvion Roy and Ta Jonce Franklin has been resolved on all accounts of those involved.

On Aug. 20, the athletes were sued by apartment owner, 66th State District Judge Lee Harris of Hill County, for not resolving an outstanding balance of $4,477.24 for cleaning and damages made to their past residence at The Edge apartments.

Repaired damages and additional cleaning to the premises from conditions inspected at the end of the lease were totaled to $5,337.24 by the plaintiff. After subtracting a deposit of $860 from tenants, they were liable and obligated to the remaining balance under the lease.

All of the roommates were notified at their last known addresses of the charges in the beginning of July. The notification stated that after 30 days without dispute to the validity of the debt, it will be assumed as valid. After no response from any of the roommates and no forwarding addresses provided, a lawsuit was filed on Aug. 20.

Roy’s attorney, Tim Younger, declined to comment on the conditions of the apartment at the time of inspection.

Deonte Williams is a former Baylor defensive end and transferred to Florida State last spring; Bravvion Roy was drafted from Baylor in the 2020 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers; TJ Franklin is a sophomore defensive end at Baylor.

Younger said in a statement to The Lariat that Roy had moved out of the property in January to prepare for the NFL Draft and ensured his rent was fully paid.

“Mr. Roy learned of the dispute through the article and had been unaware of any open items with the lessor,” Younger said in the statement. “However, upon being apprised of the situation through the article he, with his roommates, promptly addressed the matter and wishes Judge Harris the very best moving forward.”

According to Younger, all outstanding issues have been resolved with everyone involved.

Head coach Dave Aranda didn’t provide a comment for the story, but Baylor Athletics released a statement on their behalf before the claims were resolved.

“We are very disappointed in the allegations. Given the personal nature of the situation and NCAA guidelines, Baylor Athletics cannot intervene. We have encouraged our student-athletes to work towards a resolution,” the statement said.

Neither the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s lawyers could be reached for comment on the issue.