Spikeball makes its hit at Baylor

Sam Beckmeier | Broadcast Reporter

Spikeball is an up and coming sport that’s making a huge hit at college campuses across the nation.

The Baylor University campus is no exception. Spikeball is officially known as the sport of Roundnet and is played with two teams of two players each. Similar to volleyball, each team is allowed 3 touches before they have to hit the ball down into the net. If one team fails to return the ball off the net, the point for the round goes to the other team – the first team to 21 points wins.

Baylor’s Spikeball club will host an upcoming tournament at the end of February where they will compete against other schools from across the state of Texas. The Waco Major will take place on February 29 at an undecided location in Waco.

Baylor Spikeball club member Matt Cole described how he first fell in love with the sport. “My favorite thing about playing Spikeball is honestly the people that I have been able to meet through it. At Baylor everyone’s great and then we always compete against the other colleges like A&M, TCU, and Abilene. They’re all great people too and I’m gonna be driving with some of them all the way to Atlanta soon,” said Cole.

The Baylor Spikeball club meets for practice three times per week on Fountain Mall, but members can be found playing on campus together almost every day.

The club’s social media chair, Alli Jennerich, explained that playing together is the best way to prepare and improve before the upcoming tournament. “We’re just gonna keep practicing and we’re gonna work on our serves and our serve receive especially,” she said.