Fans can’t stay silent about Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’

By Bailey Brammer | Editor-in-Chief

John Krasinski: witty comedian, superior actor… up-and-coming writer and director?

In his most recent flick, “A Quiet Place,” fans of the “Office” star can witness Krasinksi and his family struggle to survive in an almost too-close-for-comfort dystopian future plagued by monsters that hunt by sound. If the creatures hear you, they will hunt you, and they are all but impossible to stop.

The film, which hit theaters April 6, has since received a 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and was dubbed the “No.1 Movie in America” for two weeks.

The premise of the movie itself is definitely what makes it so appealing. With very little speaking, “A Quiet Place” relies on other senses to explore the horror genre, and combines suspense with heart-wrenching familial love to create the ultimate thriller.

Krasinski portrays the sturdy, “strong and silent” patriarch of a family of five, and spends the entire movie working to protect them from the savage beasts that have taken over earth. His pregnant wife in the film is played by none other than his real-life partner Emily Blunt, which makes their on-screen love all the more convincing.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in February, Krasinksi said Blunt had been recommending other actresses to him for the female lead character before she had actually read the script.

“And we were on the plane and she just leaned over to me and it looked like she was sick and I was going to get the barf bag –– and she was like ‘No one else can do this movie, I have to do it,’” Krasinski told Ellen in the interview. “And I’m not kidding when I say it was the absolute greatest compliment of my career.”

Make no mistake about it though, this 90-minute movie will keep you intrigued until the very end, and will certainly make you think twice about gasping too loudly at the well-timed jump scares and pop-outs.

While Krasinski’s acting is –– of course –– outstanding, a lot can be said about Blunt’s role as the nurturing and strong matriarch who has to undergo the pains of childbirth in complete silence. Blunt’s character gives her family the selfless love only a mother has, and is not only caring, but quick-witted and resourceful as well when it comes to battling the monsters.

The children in the film also delivered impressive performances, specifically Millicent Simmonds, who portrayed Krasinski and Blunt’s oldest daughter. Simmonds lost her hearing as a child, and her character in “A Quiet Place” is also deaf. It was reported that Krasinski really pushed for a deaf character, and Simmonds’ role certainly added another layer to the silent story.

Cinematography-wise, this movie is beautiful. Unique camera angles and captivating uses of lighting draw viewers in, and the musical score ties in brilliantly with the periodic scares.

The movie did still leave me with a few questions, though. Why did the parents think it was smart to have a baby –– whose cries can be incredibly loud –– in a world where sound can be deadly? Why were the children allowed to roam free through the forest? While they were certainly resourceful young people, the monsters are everywhere, and what kind of parent lets their kid go out alone in that sort of situation?

This film will elicit jumps, gasps and maybe even screams … just be sure to cover your mouth so the post-apocalyptic creatures can’t find you. “A Quiet Place” is currently showing at AMC Galaxy and Regal Jewel Stadium.