Lariat Letter: Renovations to Penland make for a smoother visit

As a junior Baylor student, hearing that the Penland Dining Hall was going to be completely redone, I was extremely nervous for the new changes. For the past two years I have grown extremely custom to not only the food but also the atmosphere that the dining hall has to offer.

Coming back this August, I was anxious to see if the new renovations lived up to my expectations as well as keeping the same traditions such as “Wing Wednesday” that I have grown to love.

Eating in the dining hall the first Monday back at Baylor, I was thrilled to see that not only was the food of top notch quality, but that there was an abundance of options to choose from. The interior was fresh and open, as well as clean with more than ample seating. I could hardly believe that this was the same building I had sat in only three months prior.

As for “Wing Wednesday,” I was very impressed that they not only kept the tradition going, but they had worked to make it a smoother and faster process for the students. There were at least three different stations serving various styles of wings, cutting the wait time from 30 or more minutes during the previous semester to maybe five minutes at most in the new dining hall. I’m personally glad to be no longer spending my whole time at lunch waiting for my food and instead can enjoy more time sitting and eating with my friends.

Penland’s new dining hall renovations overall have thoroughly impressed me, and I continue to look forward to lunch there each week. If you have not had a chance to have a meal there, I would highly recommend stopping by and experiencing it for yourself.

– Houston junior Kendall Baer

Journalism major