Baylor grads to be honored at alumni banquet

baylor alBy Kate McGuire

Staff Writer

More than 500 Baylor alumni will come together to celebrate the Baylor Alumni Association Hall of Fame award recipients at their annual banquet at 6 p.m. on Friday.

According to vice president and CEO of the association, Jeff Kilgore, the banquet will be filled with Baylor spirit as alumni to honor phenomenal individuals who continue the Baylor legacy through their hard work and service.

“Its such a broad spectrum of people who we get to celebrate this event,” president of the association and 258th district court Judge Elizabeth Coker said.

Last year the association honored 13 alumni and one family with nine diverse awards, including the Distinguished Baylor Black Alumni Award, given to Robert Griffin III, and various service, humanitarian and church awards.

“The greatest reflection of the university is its actual people who attended,” Kilgore, said. “You can tell from the range of awards how inspiring these alumni are. We put our arms around them. We thank you for what you’ve done.”

This year the First Families of Baylor Award includes 29 recipients from a six-generation Baylor family.

Not only does the banquet honor alumni, but proceeds from the gala are given to the BAA Legacy Scholarship Program. The program hopes to provide relatives of alumni the opportunity to receive money to attend Baylor and continue the Baylor legacy, according to the BAA.

“We have a good time,” Kilgore said. “It’s formal when all 500 alumni are gathered to celebrate, well it’s a privilege to attend.”