The Paralympics are important too

By Emily Edwards

Arenas filled with enthusiastic fans showing national pride, athletes showcasing their life’s work on the world’s greatest stage and the world coming together for two weeks every four years.

Most of us are aware of the Rio Summer Olympics that concluded about a month ago and are already getting excited about Tokyo 2020. If you are still craving that feeling of excitement and unity the Olympics bring along, you are in luck. Many people are not aware the Paralympics shortly follow the Summer Olympics and are currently taking place, with the closing ceremony Sunday, September 18.

The Paralympics allow disabled athletes to display what amazing abilities they do have. Throughout the years, I feel as if the Paralympics have been overshadowed by the Olympics, which is not fair for the athletes who deserve just as many spectators and attention.

When looking for some entertainment this week, I encourage you to read the stories of people who have overcome adversity, underdogs and champions, watch a few of the of the 22 sports the Paralympics offer and I assure that joy and unity the Olympics brings will be well surpassed by the inspiring athletes of the Paralympic games.

Emily Edwards, Colleyville Freshman