Explosive transport trend should give users cold feet

While Smart Balance Boards, more commonly referred to as hoverboards, were the biggest must-have gift last Christmas, many places have already implemented temporary bans on them. In large cities, like New York, and many schools, like Texas State, people are having a rough time joining the crowd as hoverboard fan-girls.

Several boards are being banned across the U.S. due to safety concerns. Many people have said boards caught fire during or shortly after being charged.

Although these hazards make the use of this invention is foolish, the functionality is ingenious.

The engineering of these Segway-without-handlebars is incredible. They run on two wheels, rechargeable batteries and use gyroscopic technology to function.

These little tools of genius move with a swifter pace than one could walk, and they help shorten travel time. However, many people have been using them more for recreation than transportation. Let’s be honest, people, sometimes these hoverboarders are as annoying as bikers on campus sidewalks.

Hoverboards are great objects of transportation for those who need to get across campus when their professor keeps them in class late, daily. In this instance, these little miracle boards save the day, and that is the reason these wonder-boards should be used.

Yes, there have been several reports of these hoverboards bursting into flames. Manufacturers blame these incidents on faulty batteries in the boards. The fact that these batteries have caused several neighborhood house fires and at least “70 ER-related injuries,” as reported by USA Today, they should temporarily be banned from campuses and public areas, at least until these batteries are replaced.

Though several students may suffer from the loss of their hoverboards as a means of transportation, it would be wise to just walk to class or spend the money on a bicycle rather than on a hospital bill.

Students, in order to keep the heat off of your feet, it would be wise to buy from a reliable retailer if you plan on buying one of these boards in the future. Don’t look to get the cheapest one on the market. Do some research before hand. Oftentimes, less expensive objects are built the most unsafe, when corners are cut. This causes faulty devices and a higher risk during use.

In the meantime, universities and college campus should think about putting at least a partial ban on these hoverboards since they are being brought in dorms and other campus facilities. That is not to say hoverboards should be banned all over campus or even all semester. However, they should be kept from dorms and dining halls until this battery problem is resolved before someone is seriously injured or even killed by these machines.

Other than that, drive safely and remember kids: God gave you two feet for a reason. You don’t want to lose one in the name of fun.