Lariat Letter: ‘Lecrae’ story ignores vital piece of puzzle

I think that it’s wonderful that Baylor is finally getting a more diverse lineup of musicians. However, I feel like this piece [‘Christian rapper Lecrae to visit Baylor’ published Sept. 15] masks the efforts of the black community at Baylor that played a significant role in making it happen.

This year is not the first that we have requested an artist that appeals to an audience other than the Caucasian population of Baylor. Our requests have been turned down or overlooked in the past.

It wasn’t until this semester that light was finally shed on the obvious divide between Black Baylor and traditional Baylor. It took us personally reaching out to President Ken Starr to get any sort of acknowledgment that these issues would be addressed.

Now that it finally is, we shouldn’t act like Baylor as a whole just decided one day with no prompting that it was time to encourage more diversity. This is something that the black community has worked and fought for, and credit should be given where credit is due.

Nsela Ndando, Sugar Land junior