Fall 2021 Staff

Lariat Print Staff


Ava Dunwoody

Ava Dunwoody is a junior secondary ELA education major minoring in news-editorial. She is incredibly excited to serve as Editor-in-Chief and hopes to one day teach journalism to the next generation. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and game nights with friends.

Sports Editor

Marquis Cooley

Marquis Cooley is a senior journalism-news editorial major with a minor in corporate communications from northern Virginia. Marquis has always had a passion for sports as both an athlete and a fan, constantly receiving notifications from various sports media outlets. He dreams of one day having a show on ESPN while also changing people’s perception of sports journalists.

Web Editor

Nick Cook

Nick is a computer science major from Maryland. He is always trying to learn new things. Nick is hoping to get the experience in a technical role to get a summer internship.

Staff Writer

Ana Ruiz Brictson

Ana Ruiz Brictson is a sophomore, Journalism, Public Relations and New Media major, from Monterrey, Mexico. She loves to play tennis and piano, write, and watch movies. She is always opened to hear people’s stories and enjoys listening to others open up.

Sports Writer

Michael Haag

Michael Haag is a Freshman Journalism Major from Floresville, Texas. He has a deep passion for sports and you can find him wearing crocs almost everyday. Michael aspires to become a sports journalist one day.


Audrey La

Audrey La is a junior Psychology major and Spanish minor in the Pre-Law track. She is a Lariat photographer and enjoys doing creative photography in her free time as well. She also is passionate about political activism and reading.


Morgan Dowler

Morgan Dowler is a sophomore Interior Design major minoring in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation. She is very excited to bring articles to life through the position of the Cartoonist. In her spare time, she likes shopping, reading, traveling, and driving around with friends.

Video Features

Aspen Collings

Aspen Collings is a human 3rd year student at Baylor and is excited to learn more about earthen customs through being the Lariat’s Video Feature Specialist. In his free time he enjoys being an type A extrovert and writing about himself in the 3rd person. Ayyy Sic Em Large Ursidae Mammals commonly found in Northern America!


Maddy Merritt

Maddy Merritt is a freshman biochemistry major on the pre-med track minoring in news-editorial. She wants to highlight student voice and capture both the big and little moments of this year, on- and off-campus. She loves the mountains, her dogs, and enjoying the two together on pet-friendly hikes.

News Editor

Rachel Royster

Rachel Royster is a sophomore journalism news-editorial major. This is her second semester on staff and is the News Desk Editor. Last semester, she was a staff writer and the Copy Desk Chief. She is eager to see what stories the Lariat puts out this semester and is excited to serve the Baylor community by educating and informing about current events.

Opinion Editor

Mallory Harris

Mallory is a junior journalism major on the news-editorial track with a minor in business from Ennis, Texas. She loves to travel, try new foods and is always down to watch a movie. After college, Mallory hopes to work at a lifestyle magazine where she can write about her passions.

Copy Editor

Kourtney David

Kourtney David is a senior neuroscience major with a public relations minor. She is from Springfield, Missouri, but has loved Waco since she moved here in 2018. When she’s not working, you can usually find her studying at Moody Memorial Library or hanging out with friends.

Assistant News Editor

Lakesyn Melia

Lakesyn Melia is a junior political science and public relations major from Spring Hill, Tennessee. She is passionate about ensuring that everyone has a place to belong. Her professional aspirations are to attend law school and become an adoption lawyer.

Staff Writer

Lexi Masarweh

Lexi Masarweh is a junior at Baylor. She is a corporate communications major and has a minor in public relations. She lives in Pleasant Hill, California and loves reading and writing.

Sports Writer

Gio Gennero

Gio Gennero, Journalism major from San Antonio. Growing up with in a sports family, Gio loves all sports especially basketball, football and volleyball. Gio’s goal is to be a sports journalist for ESPN and eventually appear on his own sports talk show.


Brittney Tankersley

Brittany Tankersley is a senior photojournalism major with a music minor. She is from Cleveland, Tennessee and hopes to become a producer. She also loves coffee and K-Pop.


Clay Thompson

Clay is a Baylor Sophomore majoring in Journalism writing and editing, and he is also looking forward to adding a second major in English literature. He is looking forward to writing many different stories, whether it be news, arts, or opinion. In his free time, Clay can be found reading all kinds of novels, especially contemporary fiction, or catching up on one of his favorite podcasts.

Arts and Life Editor

Erianne Lewis

Erianne Lewis is a sophomore journalism major and English minor from Pearland, Texas, who aspires to become a freelance journalist and travel leisurely. She’s known she’s wanted to be a journalist since she was about 8 years old, because she’s always been a curious person, so she loves that Journalism is a career for the curious. In her free time, she enjoys anything that involves coffee.

Photo Editor

Olivia Martin

Olivia Martin is a Photojournalism major with a Corporate Communication minor. She is from Northern California and loves being around people, exploring new coffee shops, and going to the beach regularly. She is passionate about photography and all things creative and would love to work for a creative marketing agency post graduation.

Copy Editor

Jenna Fitzgerald

Jenna Fitzgerald is a sophomore University Scholar concentrating in Political Science, News-Editorial, Spanish and Poverty Studies and Social Justice. She’s from Carrollton, Texas, which is just outside of Dallas. When she’s not in class or studying, she can be found doing puzzles, binging “Criminal Minds” or playing with her cat, Kittay.

Staff Writer

Camille Cox

Camille Cox is a sophomore Political Science and Journalism major on the Pre-law track. She is beyond excited for her first year on the Baylor Lariat as a staff writer. In her spare time, Camille enjoys watching movies and making frequent Sonic trips with her friends.

Staff Writer

Matt Kyle

Matt Kyle is a junior Professional Writing and Rhetoric major with a News Editorial minor from San Antonio. Matt is passionate about writing, music, nature and the Spurs. He hopes to write for Rolling Stone and to publish a novel.

Staff Writer

Mariah Bennett

Mariah Bennett is a junior Journalism major on the Public Relations track with a business minor. She is from Sugar Land, Texas. Mariah is passionate about coffee, writing, and the fall season. She plans on working in the Public Relations field in the future.


Grace Fortier

Grace Fortier is a sophomore Public Relations major minoring in Apparel Merchandising. She currently is one of our Photographers and her dream is to be a Product Photographer for a fashion brand. For fun, she enjoys going out to brunch with friends and day trips to Austin!


Omar Islam

Omar Islam is a sophomore double-majoring in political science and history. He is enthusiastic to work with the Lariat this year to keep students informed of the happenings around them. Outside of school, he likes to read, travel, and spend time with his little kitten.

Lariat TV News Staff

Executive Producer

Nate Smith

Nate Smith is a junior journalism-public relations major with a leadership minor. He is very excited to help LTVN grow in his new position as Executive Producer. In his spare time you can probably find him watching sports or scouring Waco for the city’s best fried chicken.


Danielle Skinner

Danielle Skinner is a sophomore studying Journalism and Public Relations. She is excited to join LTVN as a reporter this year and hopes in the future to be a legal correspondent for a news station. In her spare time Danielle likes to dance and try new sports and activities with her friends.


Briana Garcia

Briana Garcia is a senior journalism major with a concentration in news-editorial and minor in corporate communication. She is a student-athlete and runs for the women’s track and field team. She hopes to become a sports broadcaster one day and share her positivity through the media.


Alexandra Laurence

Alexandra Laurence is a freshman from San Antonio, Texas majoring in communications. Her aspirations are to one day be a sports journalist and broadcaster. Alexandra enjoys attending sporting events, being with her family and friends as well as spending time in the mountains of Colorado.


Haley O'Donnell

Haley O’Donnell is a junior journalism major minoring in business administration. She is very excited to serve as an intern and hopes to attend law school after graduating. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and spending time with friends.

Managing Editor

George Schroeder

George Schroeder is the Managing Editor of Lariat TV News, and a sophomore journalism major and history minor. He is in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps at Baylor University, and hopes to become a Public Affairs officer. He is also active in his church community and campus minsitry.


Kaity Kempf

Kaity Kempf is a sophomore Psychology major. She is ecstatic about being a Reporter/Anchor on the Lariat TV News team. When not working, she loves to perform onstage and travel to new places.


Braden Murray

Braden Murray is a freshman Journalism major. He is excited to be a reporter for LTVN and a part of the Lariat in general. In the future he hopes to work in sports journalism. When not in the newsroom, Braden likes to read, ride his bike, and hang out with friends


Michael Haag

Michael Haag is a Freshman Journalism Major from Floresville, TX. He has a deep passion for sports and you can find him wearing crocs almost everyday. Michael aspires to become a sports journalist one day.


Joaquin Torre

Joaquin Torre is a freshmen communications major. He is excited to be an intern this year at LTVN, and hopes to one day work for a professional sports team or network. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and listening to music.


Siegrid Massie

Siegrid Massie is a senior journalism major with a concentration in public relations and a minor in music. She’s thrilled to be back as a broadcast reporter/anchor for Lariat TV News and can’t wait to cover the stories that’s important to the Baylor community. In her free time she enjoys playing music, paddle boarding and watching movies with friends.


Gracie Ozburn

Gracie Ozburn is a junior Corporate Communication major with a Public Relations minor. Her decision on taking this path came from her passion for meeting new people and listening to their stories. In her spare time, she enjoys playing basketball and painting.


Danika Young

Danika Young is a freshman journalism major. She is beyond honored to be part of the Lariat TV News staff as a reporter/anchor. She hopes to continue her career as a reporter in texas and someday Fox News!


Joe Pratt

Joe Pratt is a Journalism major with a News Editorial concentration. He works for Lariat TV News as a broadcast reporter hoping to one day become a sports writer/broadcaster. During free time, Joe enjoys playing golf, hockey, and watching sports.

Marketing and Advertising Staff

Advertising Sales

KJ Burkley

A native of Waco, Texas, KJ Burkley is a graduate student studying Journalism with a concentration in Advertising. He loves the research aspect of brand perception in Advertising. In his spare time, KJ competes in street 5Ks races and collegiate track meets.


Margaret Connelly

Margaret Connelly is a senior Studio Art major with a focus in Graphic Design. She is excited to be apart of the marketing team year! Some of her favorite things to do are cook, spend time with friends, and have dance parties.

Advertising Sales

Kenna Glascock

Kenna Glascock is a freshman business major with plans to double major in marketing and international business. She is very excited about working as an advertising sales coordinator and hopes to one day work for an international corporation in marketing and sales. In her spare time Kenna loves to hangout with friends, laugh and try new activities.


Emmalyn Oscarson

Emmalyn Oscarson is a junior double majoring in International Studies and Anthropology with hopes to attend law school after graduation. She is excited to plan events for the Department of Student Media and can’t wait to meet more of the Baylor student body. She enjoys going to Shorty’s with her friends and hiking in Cameron Park.

Advertising Sales

Ry Renshaw

Ry Renshaw is a junior Entrepreneurship and Marketing major from Denver, Colorado. She enjoys getting to learn sales hands-on and looks forward to an awesome year at the Baylor Lariat. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding and good music!

Graphic Design

John Welsh

John Welsh is a senior studio art major with a concentration in graphic design. He is enthusiastic about contributing to the marketing team with his graphic design abilities. When he’s not working, he enjoys hanging out with friends and playing disc golf.

Lariat Professional Staff


Bruce Gietzen

A veteran journalist with more than three decades in broadcasting, Bruce Gietzen oversees all Baylor student media, including the Lariat student newspaper, website and digital platforms, Lariat TV News and radio, the Roundup yearbook and Focus magazine. He anchored the nightly news for 13 years at KXXV-TV, the ABC affiliate in Waco. He has also been an adjunct professor at Baylor and is helping create a broadcast curriculum for the department. Bruce enjoys the rewards from teaching and mentoring aspiring young journalists, helping them find their passion and prepare for a successful career.


Terri Evans

Terri Evans serves as administrative associate for Baylor Student Media. In addition, she has several connections to the Baylor family.  Her husband, Bruce, has been with Baylor libraries for over 17 years. She has been married 28 years and has two adult children. Her youngest, Chandler, is currently attending Baylor. Two of her siblings are Baylor graduates as well. “I absolutely love working for Student Media,” Terri says. “The positive energy of the students and staff are a refreshing change from the corporate world.”


Julie Reed

Julie Reed has worked for Baylor Student Media since 2005, when she moved from a career in newspapers to a career in journalism education. As the student media adviser, she has supervised hundreds of students who have gone on to pursue careers in print and digital journalism, broadcast journalism, photography, website and app design, public relations and much more. Julie’s passion is to equip college students for success — teaching them not only hard journalism skills, but also the soft skills of communication, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and creativity.

Marketing Manager

Jamile Yglecias

Jamile Yglecias leads the advertising sales and marketing teams for Baylor Student Media. Since her arrival at Baylor in 2008, she has developed and grown a marketing and design team, managed the sales teams to transition and thrive in a digital sales world and led many students to succeed in their careers in a related field. In addition to the two decades of sales experience, she built her marketing knowledge in the construction, banking and tourism industry prior to her career at Baylor.  Not only does she focus on the hard business skills of the marketing, design and sales industry, but she also helps develop interpersonal skills that can be vital for any chosen career path that her staff follows.