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Monday, October 2, 2023

What Comes Next?

College is a weird time for many students, with responsibilities increasing and the big question of a future career always looming during gatherings. What comes after the classes and GPA worries? From Zoom interviews to budgeting your first major income, the Lariat has you covered.

The Baylor Career Center, along with current Baylor graduate students, gives advice for choosing the right grad school for you.
It is important to have a plan and goals, but also important that those plans are not concrete. You should be flexible in your endeavors.
Students often pursue two majors at Baylor that are related to be better prepared for their intended career. The double major life is also for students with unrelated interests, opening multiple career options.
Because of the pandemic, remote interviews and salary negotiation are becoming more common during job recruitment.
Learning to manage finances is critical for a student to learn when entering the work force. Baylor's Career Center offers advice for students learning to budget.

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