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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

It’s no secret that the Baylor and Waco communities are home to many talented individuals. Great recognition oftentimes follows these great gifts, which can lead to the birth of a celebrity. However, not all accomplished people receive widespread acknowledgement. “In the Spotlight” is here to shed light on talented individuals from both communities, whether they are widely-known or hidden in plain sight.

The Lariat endeavored to uncover hidden “celebrities” of Baylor ad Waco as well as delve into the lives and motives of more obvious “celebrities.” We ask that you keep an open mind and loosen your definition of the word celebrity. In this issue, celebrity can apply to recognizable people, buildings, businesses, or the behind-the-scenes types that contributed to bigger, substantial projects.

Maleesa Johnson | Editor-in-Chief

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Living the Dream: These two Baylor students created a video that went viral last summer

Blooming for Decades: This company has served Waco for more than 80 years!

This Baylor couple is known for giving back to Greek Life, and have gained perspective through art and altitude

This assistant director has a “DOM”inating spirit in his work and relationships

These Baylor professors have found pieces to the universal puzzle

This Baylor building made its Hollywood debut 16 years ago

This Baylor professor was inducted in 2001 Women Divers Hall of Fame and dedicates her life to reef conservation

Shining through his lens, this Baylor senior lecturer, a well-known amongst student photographers and videographers, is a hidden gem in the sea. 

This Baylor student rides his bicycle around, proving himself as a man of many hats (and bandanas)

This Baylor professor ignores drools and squirms to help his student in class

Elected chairman of the McLennan County Republican Party, this Baylor student has a history of military service and seeks to graduate from seminary school in Dec.

Local hat-maker dedicates his life to keeping the cowboy culture by creating custom cowboy hats

This former NFL player returned to Waco and continues to make an impact at Baylor

This Baylor Police officer has deep connections with students and makes rounds around Baylor on her bicycle