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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Live Video

Baylor Lariat TV News’s broadcast team comes in at approximately 3:46:56. Watch the complete Global News Relay, or jump to the Lariat’s portion!

Baylor Bears, tune into the Baylor Lariat Television News 11 a.m. CDT today. Our LTVN broadcasters will be anchoring the 2016 Global News Relay on “Fresno State Focus,” a TV news magazine show.

Baylor LTVN is proud to be one of 11 universities from around the world to participate in this event. The upcoming Global News Relay, which originated in Manchester, England, will be the third of its kind.

The theme for this year’s newscast is “Sports in Our Communities”. Students will be reporting on the cultural influences that have an impact on sports participation. These stories will be produced by journalism students from universities located in four continents.

For more information on the Global News Relay click here.

For the Global News Relay facebook page, click here.

Global News Relay 2015: Poverty

The Baylor Lariat participated in the Global News Relay’s second broadcast last year, which was the first time the Lariat took part in an international broadcast. Baylor was one out of a dozen universities around the world to contribute a 15-minute broadcast on poverty.

The Lariat prepared three stories that portrayed the effect of poverty in Waco for the Global News Relay. The first featured Chuck Rose, a homeless man. The story shares how Rose wound up sleeping on the streets and collecting cans for change. The second featured Mission Waco and their outreach programs for the poor. The last featured the roles that Baylor students had in service to help the poor.

The opportunity to partake in this global news broadcast led to the addition of the Lariat TV News, the Lariat’s broadcast team.

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