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Fall 2019 Staff 


Taylor Wolf | Editor-in-Chief

Taylor is a junior journalism major from Seattle, Washington who you’ll often see clenching a cup of coffee or tea and sporting a flannel.

She fell in love with writing as a kid and has since grown to love every aspect of journalism. The newsroom quickly felt like home, and she’s very excited to be on staff this year. Features are her favorite type of story to write because she loves meeting community members and sharing their stories.

In her downtime, you can find her roaming around Waco with Kevin, her car. Taylor enjoys dancing, singing, cold weather and road trips. Things that make her heart especially swell are the sight of mountains and/or large bodies of water and sharing her passion for life with others.

Regarding the future, Taylor doesn’t care if she works in editing, design or writing, as long she can be a part of a publication dedicated to serving the community and fostering creativity.


Madison Day | Digital Managing Editor 

Born and raised in the greatest city of all time, Austin, Texas, Madison is a sophomore journalism public relations major with a marketing minor. She is also a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority.

Madison loves a wide range of things including but not limited to dog walking, traveling, paddle boarding, hiking, rainy days, baking, photography and fashion. Madison is also passionate about living the city life with dreams of one day being a resident of the big apple, perhaps while working for Vogue. A girl can dream.

For now, Madison will continue to focus on her studies and get more involved in the Baylor community.


Madalyn Watson | Print Managing Editor

Madalyn is a junior journalism-news editorial major with a forensic science minor from Orange County, California.

She fell in love with writing as a child but found her passion in journalism as soon as she watched Gilmore Girls. She worked at the Baylor Lariat as a reporter and then a staff writer before becoming the Print Managing Editor.

When she is not in the newsroom, Madalyn can be found reading somewhere around campus, trying to practice yoga while her cat sits on the mat and suggesting some of her favorite films to just about anyone who will listen.

Some of her passions include traveling, fashion, writing, mystery novels and making playlists with unusually long and specific titles that could be a song by Panic at the Disco! back in the mid-2000s.

When Madalyn graduates from Baylor, she plans on working at a newspaper or magazine and somehow making time to write a few novels on the side. 


Kennedy Dendy| LTVN Executive Producer

Kennedy is a senior journalism-public relations major with a media management minor from Grapevine. She began her broadcast journey as a sports reporter for BaylorVision during her freshman year and now enjoys writing and reporting as a broadcast reporter for Lariat TV News. She also loves working both on and off camera for Lariat TV News Today.

Kennedy is always chillin’ at a new coffee shop or restaurant in Dallas when she’s not working and studying during the school year. When not in the newsroom, you can find Kennedy on the tennis courts, watching movies with friends, listening to R&B music or discovering new places to eat around Waco. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, the vice president for The National Association of Black Journalists, secretary for the Public Relations Student Society of America and serves as a student ambassador for the Department of Journalism, Public Relations and New Media.

Kennedy will be graduating from Baylor in December, a semester early, and she plans to further her career in broadcast journalism after graduation. She aims to give a voice to the voiceless in her work and hopes to use her passion for urban outreach in her storytelling. Her goals include working her way up in the broadcast world to become a host or correspondent for a national network. Hosting her own television show is a dream she hopes to reach one day!


Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Managing Editor

Julia Lawrenz is sophomore communication specialist major with a business minor. Born and raised in San Diego, California. Julia loves all things California from the beach to the sun, and even California burritos. Despite her love for California she has a soft spot for Texas, cowboy boots, and country music.

In her free time, she likes to hike Cameron Park, hang out with friends, and her all-time favorite is getting an iced coffee from Starbucks.

Julia has always had a joy for meeting and talking to people. That is what started her love of the communications world. She aspires to work in television broadcast as a news anchor.


Bridget Sjoberg | News Editor

Bridget is a junior journalism major and english minor from San Clemente, Cali. When she’s not in the newsroom, you can find her on campus planning events for Union Board or participating in her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. 

Bridget has a passion for the beach, corgis, traveling, coffee and taking day trips to nearby cities. After she graduates, she hopes to live in New York or Los Angeles and have a job in the entertainment industry.


Morgan Harlan | Assistant News Editor

Morgan is a senior journalism public relations major and business minor from Skagit Valley, Wash. She loves drinking coffee, hiking in the PNW, Harry Potter and running.
She worked as a staff writer before becoming assistant news editor. She covered the Shawn Oakman trial and other Title IX stories on Baylor’s campus. After graduation, Morgan plans to move back to Seattle and work as a PR professional. She also hopes to own three corgis and run a satire blog.


Rewon Shimray | Opinion Editor

Rewon is your typical Austinite: loves the outdoors, eats vegetables whole, almost exclusively wears open-toed shoes and cannot stop drawing.

Although she is your typical quiet middle child, her dream job is anywhere and any position where she can speak up for those that are too easily ignored or missed. With a major in journalism news editorial and minors in studio art and religion, Rewon hopes to work in a non-profit to address areas in poverty.

She’s been working at the Lariat for over five semesters now — starting as the cartoonist, at times doubling as a staff writer and has come to her final form as opinion editor.

Rewon will be graduating in May with a journalism news-editorial major and minors in studio art and religion.


Preston Gossett | Arts and Life Editor

Preston is a sophomore journalism public relations major with a minor in Business Administration.

He spent most of his time growing up in Dallas, wishing he was in California. When he’s not in The Lariat newsroom (he’s never not in there), he enjoys binge-watching Netflix, hanging with his friends (but mainly their dogs), paddle-boarding and kayaking. He also loves traveling, photography and cloudy, rainy days.

After graduating (or before because who really knows), Preston is going to find his dream job writing or taking pictures for a news publication and live in Santa Monica, Calif., or Manhattan.

He wants to travel because he loves experiencing new cultures and meeting people who have interesting stories to tell. He hopes to one day be able to capture their life, either with a camera lens or a pen.


DJ Ramirez | Sports Editor

DJ Ramirez is a junior journalism new media major with a minor in anthropology and a member of the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core. She’s a North Houston native but finished middle school and high school in a small town just north of Lafayette, LA.

She’s a baseball fanatic but enjoys watching and learning about other sports too. She also loves any form of story telling there is — whether that be music, film, theatre, literature, photography or art. She also enjoys food, particularly Mexican and Italian.

You can find her at the ballpark most weekends during the spring and when she’s not writing, reading or watching sports, she’s reading a good book or watching a good show or movie.

After Baylor, DJ hopes to go to grad school and eventually get a job covering baseball for radio or television.


Shae Koharski | Web and Social Media Editor

Shae is a super senior Journalism New Media major with a minor in Film and Digital Media from Russell, Mass.

When she isn’t on campus, you can find her cruising the streets of Waco with her convertible top down, jamming to an 80s playlist or making someone take her picture so she can keep up her Instagram. She also loves to travel across the country but has unfortunately never been to Dallas or Houston – seriously, someone take her please.

With a past degree in Social Work and a future degree in Journalism, she loves people and hopes to incorporate that into her future career. Whether it be working for a sports team or an international non-profit organization, she is excited for anything the future might bring, as long as it’s something fun and she gets to have a dog.


Cole Tompkins| Multimedia Editor


Carson Lewis | Page One Editor 

Carson Lewis is a Sophomore Journalism major from Gilbert, Ariz. He enjoys stargazing and writing short stories in his free time. He hopes to one day work for a newspaper in a major city or work on video production for a media company in the southwest.


Gaby Salazar | Copy Editor

Gaby is a senior corporate communication major from Dallas. Although she’s joined the Lariat in her last semester, she is so excited to be a part of the team. Gaby is also a first-generation college student and proud to be the first Baylor Bear in her family. 

Gaby’s favorite sports team is the Dallas Mavericks and has probably seen every episode of Shark Tank (no obsession with Mark Cuban). She loves listening to jazz, R&B and hip-hop music and is a horror movie enthusiast.

In her free time, she loves hiking in Cameron Park, listening to podcasts, cooking and watching MasterChef. You’ll probably never see Gaby with a Starbucks in hand, for she prefers Common Grounds iced-coffee over anything. After graduation, Gaby hopes to work for the NBA and travel to Europe for the first time. Her favorite spots in Waco are Cultivate 7Twelve art gallery, Pie Peddlers and Claypot for authentic Vietnamese food.


Ashley Boyd | Cartoonist


Meredith Howard | Staff Writer

Meredith is a freshman journalism & new media major with a political science minor.

She considers Springfield, Ill. to be home, but she’s also lived in Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee and Florida. She’s also the president of Baylor Gymnastics, and she loves to flip around.

Meredith would love to be an investigative or political journalist after graduation, and she hopes to cover immigration issues at the US-Mexico border someday.


Emily Lohec | Staff Writer

 Emily is a junior corporate communications major from Frisco and wants to pursue a career in editing or writing for a magazine one day. She enjoys all the creative behind the scenes of what it takes to make a story come to life. Emily says being apart of the Lariat has given her an opportunity to grow as not only a writer but also as a team player.
She can’t wait to learn and get to know more about her coworkers and the ins and outs of working for a student publication.
Matthew Muir | Staff Writer


Tyler Bui | Staff Writer


Jessika Harkay | Sports Writer

Jessika is a junior journalism student at Baylor University. As a sports writer for the Lariat she’s covered the Lady Bears’s Championship Basketball run, the acrobatics championships and anything in between. She hopes to continue her career as a sports reporter for the Dallas Cowboys one day and work in covering foreign affairs or human interest stories.

In her free time, Jessika enjoys being around friends, meeting new people, or playing with her dogs.


Ahfaaz Merchant | Sports Writer

Ahfaaz Merchant is a senior majoring in Finance and hopes to go to Law school after graduating in the spring of 2020. In his free time he loves binge watching TV shows on Netflix, Gossip Girl and Friends being his favorites.

He also likes playing and watching football and basketball. Ahfaaz keeps himself busy with school and spends most of his time in the business school studying or just hanging out. If If he’s not doing one of those things he is keeping up with Baylor Sports and writing up a storm for the Lariat.


Kristen Dehaven | Multimedia Journalist


Nathan de la Cerda | Multimedia Journalist

Nathan is a freshman medical humanities major on the pre-med track. He is from Roswell, New Mexico and has practiced photography ever since middle school. Nathan loves exploring new places with his camera and capturing beautiful moments. He also enjoys running and swimming in his free time. Nathan has always been interested in developing deep relationships and providing service to others.


Igor Stepczynski | Broadcast Reporter

Igor is a senior at Baylor University. He is from Fort Worth and graduated from Nolan Catholic High School with the class of 2016. After coming to Baylor as a Theatre major and spending 2 years on a pre-med neuroscience track, Igor decided to switch to be an integrative studies major, which allows him to be educated in many different fields to his liking. He is currently studying professional selling, marketing, International business, film and journalism.

In his free time, he likes to edit videos and photos on Photoshop and Premier, write articles and music, act, dance and sing. He has also been a Main Stage performer at After Dark for the past 3 years.

Fun fact: his first language was Polish and still fluently speaks it with his family in Fort Worth and in Poland.


Sarah Gill | Broadcast Reporter


Drake Toll | Broadcast Reporter


Grace Smith | Broadcast Reporter