About Us

Fall 2018 Staff 

Molly Atchison | Editor-in-Chief

Molly is a senior journalism and international studies double major from the sunny land of Phoenix, Arizona. Her passion for journalism extends to her daily life in many ways, but mostly through her incessant presence in the newsroom, her love of reading and her strong opinions about the validity of the oxford comma. During her summers she has studied abroad, worked at a summer camp in Maine and interned at a homeless shelter and a wedding magazine.

When she’s not writing her heart out, she’s most likely spending time buying unnecessary household items at Target or exploring Waco with her friends. As a senior, Molly is determined to check items off her “Baylor Bucket List”. Some of those items spending lazy days at Lake Whitney and attending a homecoming parade (because she’s slept through it for three years running). You can catch her trying to expand her record collection by digging around at local thrift stores, drinking copious amounts of coffee at any of the local hipster coffee shops, or chowing down on chips and guac from Chipotle.

When she grows up, she will either find a dream job writing or editing for a news publication or couch surf the world, seeing and photographing as much as humanly possible.


Kaitlyn DeHaven | Digital Managing Editor 

Kaitlyn is a senior Public Relations major from Austin, TX but can more accurately be described as a dancing coffee addict who also really loves dogs (but no dog as much her brown, fluffball, yorkipoo Mocha).

Aside from  the Lariat, Kaitlyn is proud member of Delta Delta Delta and Student Foundation.

She drives a white Mini Cooper named “Vanilla Bean” and believes making forts is good for the soul because it allows you to escape reality for a moment or two. She also expresses her personality through her wide array of random socks, so catch her on campus wearing knee-high socks with donuts on them. Her happiest place is in autumn, where you can find her curled up in an oversized sweater, listening to the Head and the Heart, reading Jane Austen and drinking peppermint tea.

When she grows up, she really wants to be a famous ballerina but most likely will just try to see the world, learn as many languages as possible and run a magazine. It’s casual.


Kalyn Story | Print Managing Editor

Kalyn Story is a senior studying Journalism and Sign Language Interpretation. She’s from Chicago, IL (she’s from the city, not the suburbs and she’d love to talk to you about the difference).

She’ll try just about anything once and is excited to finish out her Baylor career strong!





Bailey Brammer | Broadcast Managing Editor

Bailey Brammer is a senior journalism-news editorial major with a history minor.

She grew up in Phoenix, Ariz., where she had cacti for neighbors and despite plenty of sunshine, she has never been able to achieve a decent tan. When she isn’t in the newsroom (which let’s face it, isn’t all that often), she can be found cooking, hiking, or spending time with her friends at one of Waco’s hidden hole-in-the-wall restaurants. She considers herself a self-proclaimed sushi connoisseur, and is always in the middle of binging a new show on Netflix. She also has an adorable, spoiled long-haired dachshund named Bear, who acts more like a cat than a dog.

After Bailey graduates from Baylor, she would like to work for a television station as an executive producer, or become the first female NFL head coach (but the former seems more likely).


Liesje Powers | Multimedia Editor

Liesje Powers is a senior and is currently pursuing a major in journalism with a minor in museum studies.

Powers was born in Belgium but moved to Texas at a young age. This relocation spurred her fascination for all things cows and Texas — but never Longhorns, of course. The move also left Powers with an almost un-pronounceable name, but has opened her up to a world of mispronunciations to respond to.

Although an avid anti-morning person during school breaks, Powers spends her early mornings working out with the Baylor Crew during the school semester, and also serves as photographer for the team.

When Powers isn’t taking on assignment or rowing, she enjoys napping or taking pictures of nature. Some of her favorite napping spots include Moody library, her car, and any benches she comes across on her way to class. As a photographer, Powers often seeks out the furry creatures of campus, whether it be a puppy, duck or squirrel.

This is Powers’ fourth year on staff, and she is excited to be the Multimedia Editor for the Lariat and for all the opportunities it gives her to grow as a photojournalist.


Brooke Hill | News Editor

Brooke is a junior Journalism/English double major from Garland, Texas.
Here at Baylor, she is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and Student Foundation. Outside of the school/work world, she loves traveling (5 countries down this summer and next on the list is Australia), attending as many concerts as possible, doing absolutely anything Disney-related and reading a good book. You could probably find her at Shorty’s or curled up in her bed eating pizza and watching Netflix (her favorite Friday night activity).
After graduation, her somewhat realistic dream job is somewhere in the Christian book publishing industry in Nashville. The slightly more unrealistic dream job is to be the New York Times travel section’s Disney reporter (yes, that is a real job!!!). It would also be fantastic to have a job that allowed her to see the world. Maybe she’ll get there someday.


Madison Day | Assistant News Editor

Born and raised in the greatest city of all time, Austin, Texas, Madison is a sophomore Journalism Public Relations major. She is also a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority.

Madison loves a wide range of things including but not limited to dog walking, traveling, paddle boarding, hiking, rainy days, baking, photography and fashion. Madison is also passionate about living the city life with dreams of one day being a resident of the big apple, perhaps while working for Vogue. A girl can dream.

For now, Madison will continue to focus on her studies and get more involved in the Baylor community.


Taylor Wolf | Web and Social Media Editor

Taylor is a junior journalism major from Seattle, Washington who you’ll often see clenching a cup of coffee or tea and sporting a flannel.

She fell in love with writing as a kid and has since grown to love every aspect of journalism. The newsroom quickly felt like home, and she’s very excited to be on staff this year. Features are her favorite type of story to write because she loves meeting community members and sharing their stories.

In her downtime, you can find her roaming around Waco with Kevin, her car. Taylor enjoys dancing, singing, cold weather and road trips. Things that make her heart especially swell are the sight of mountains and/or large bodies of water and sharing her passion for life with others.

Regarding the future, Taylor doesn’t care if she works in editing, design or writing, as long she can be a part of a publication dedicated to serving the community and fostering creativity.


Rewon Shimray | Cartoonist

Rewon is your typical Austinite: loves the outdoors, eats a vegetarian diet, almost exclusively wears open-toed shoes, and draws constantly.

Among her favorite things are elaborate picnics, impromptu dance parties, talent shows, long walks and even longer one-on-one conversations. Rewon is a junior majoring in journalism news editorial with two minors (studio art and religion) but wishing she could add more.

Although she is your typical easy-going middle child, her dream job is in any country and any position where she can boldly advocate for the needs of people in poverty. She has had three ministry internships in the past: at Bannockburn Baptist Church in Austin, TX, with Bring Me Hope in Walnut, CA, and in Grace Church in Avon, MA. Rewon aspires to work in ministry to reach diverse and marginalized communities with the all-inclusive gospel.


Sarah Asinof | Page One Editor 

Sarah is a sophomore, journalism and pre law student from Denver, Colorado.

She is apart of the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core and she is a proud member of the Chi Omega, Theta Kappa Chapter, here at Baylor. She loves to hang out with her friends, keep up with Bachelor Nation TV shows and eating all different styles of pizza.

She has nannied for a couple of years while also interning at a law firm in Denver. Sarah likes writing about hot topics going around campus and designing pages for the Lariat.

You can probably catch Sarah in a big t shirt, listening to podcasts and riding her bike around campus!


McKenna Middleton | Opinion Editor

McKenna calls the small, humble town of Los Angeles, California home and double majors in Spanish and journalism news-editorial at Baylor University as a senior.

McKenna is a vegetarian, but loves the smell of bacon; can’t draw a decent stick figure, but loves to wander art galleries; lives to cook, but detests baking; can play a grand total of four chords on the guitar, but makes sure to take advantage of every opportunity to see any kind of live music.

McKenna loves working at the Lariat because it provides her with opportunities to tell stories that need telling.


Thomas Moran | Arts and Life Editor

Thomas Moran is a senior journalism, public relations student with a minor in Business Administration. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Thomas has always had a passion for the arts and is excited to fill the role of Arts and Life Editor and the Lariat this year. His hobbies include creative writing, long boarding, sketching and eating Taco Bell. After graduation in May 2019, Thomas plans to head back to Denver where he hopes to do PR work and start his own business.




Ben Everett | Sports Editor

Ben Everett is a senior Business Fellows major with a minor in journalism. He is a fan of all things sports but has a major inclination towards basketball.

Ben is a native of Kansas City, KS, but attended middle and high school in Monroe, LA, so he knows a thing or two about the south.

In his free time, he likes to play basketball, watch basketball, play video games with friends, and listen to a wide variety of music.

In the future, Ben wants to work in basketball operations with an NBA team.


Lauren Lewis | Copy Editor

Lauren Lewis is a junior journalism new media major from Pflugerville, Texas (Austin for those who have no idea how to pronounce what her friends call the mystical land of Oz).

After graduating, she hopes to be part of the creative process behind commercials, which could be why she got into Mad Men last summer when she realized what being a copywriter was all about. Shoutout to Peggy Olson for being her inspiration.

Although she originally studied pre-occupational therapy, she realized she would only thrive in a creative environment. She turned to her passion of writing which has always been there for her, whether through writing essays, songs, raps, or poems.

Favorite places of Lauren’s include the movie theater, waterpark, or any establishment that serves mozzarella sticks. Rather than partying, you are likely to find her inside with friends on a Friday night, watching scary movies and playing Quiplash. Most likely, she will be doing any of these things while listening to some 90s R&B and hip hop (It’s tricky to write a bio, to write a bio, that’s right on time.)


Bridget Sjoberg | Staff Writer

Bridget is a sophomore journalism news-editorial major and English minor from San Clemente, California.
When she’s not writing for the Lariat, you can find her planning events for Union Board or grabbing an iced latte from one of Waco’s local coffee shops.
Bridget’s passions include traveling, corgis, hot yoga, and reading. The Office and Gilmore Girls are her go-to shows, and she’s commonly found with ear buds in listening to ABBA or Fleetwood Mac.
Bridget is a California enthusiast, and dreams of working as an entertainment or travel writer in Los Angeles, a place that combines her love for cities and the beach.


Lizzie Thomas | Staff Writer

Since I was little, I have created, and that artistic formed me. I pursue telling stories about the world around me because I want to be involved in the changing world and to show people the beauty I see. I love traveling, particularly to where the action is… I went to a Palestinian refugee camp when I was five years old, Juarez, Mexico yearly until I was ten, Bangalore, India when I was 16, and Berlin, Germany for a summer-long internship serving Syrian refugees. I want to know how people genuinely live and offer compassion, even if I personally can’t change their circumstances.

A couple of my favorite ways to spend my time are walking downtown with my husband David and my Pomeranian-Poodle Coco or cuddling in our cozy loft. I also love working on something creative at a local coffee shop with friends or friendly strangers.

I’m working on digital design on my own and studying Journalism at Baylor University with a minor in International Studies. I hope the stories I have to tell, whether written or visual, are meaningful and informative for you.


Harry Rowe | Staff Writer

Harry is a Sophomore Journalism major who was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. He is currently living in Austin, where his family moved after he graduated high school. Harry is a staff writer who covers the cops and courts beat. In his free time he enjoys watching documentaries on Netflix, reading the news, and listening to sports podcasts. He is currently a film and digital media minor.





Adam Gibson | Sports Writer

Adam Gibson is a senior majoring in journalism-new media with an emphasis in business from Tyler, Texas. He recently moved to McKinney, Texas where has lived for two years outside of Waco.

Adam loves listening to music, anything sports related, going to church, working out, hanging out with friends and is an officer of Beta Upsilon Chi (BYX) fraternity. His favorite sport is definitely football, but is interested in just about every sport ranging from high school football to professional soccer. He enjoys watching his favorite TV shows The Office, Friends and New Girl.

He hopes to someday work for a sports network as a writer or editor.


Claire Boston | Multimedia Journalist

Claire Boston is a sophomore Studio Art major concentrating in Graphic Design with a minor in Photojournalism. She is from San Antonio, TX but has previously called Arizona, Ohio, and Virginia home.

When she is not in the art studio or in the newsroom you can find Claire at Bonnie’s Greenhouse scouting for new plants too add to her collection. If you visit her apartment, she will make you a slow-pour coffee and ask if you want to paint with her. Claire’s favorite thing to do on a Saturday is pack a picnic basket and find a new nature spot with her friends. She will probably bring one of her vintage film cameras along too.

Someday she hopes to put down roots in a small town near a big city and travel to find places that feel like home in every country. She hopes to spend her life sharing other people’s stories through photographs and art.


Jason Pedreros | Multimedia Journalist

Jason Pedreros is a senior political science major and business administration minor.

Jason grew up in Guttenberg, New Jersey, right across the Hudson River from NYC. Where he spent most of his days growing up. When he isn’t in the newsroom, he can be found, hiking, reading or playing sports, such as basketball, running, baseball. Jason is a member of Student Government and Beta Theta Pi. He enjoys reading about politics and finding ways to be active at his church.

After Jason graduates from Baylor, he plans to attend graduate school in either Washington D.C. or Texas and continue his education in political science and diplomacy. In the future, he would like to be a lobbyist and eventually run for Congress.


MJ Routh | Multimedia Journalist

MJ Routh is a senior journalism, public relations student with a minor in poverty studies and social justice.

She grew up in Omaha, Neb., where her passion for multimedia sprouted. More times than not, she has a camera around her neck. When she isn’t shooting for the Lariat, she spends her time outside with friends or snuggled up watching cheesy Netflix movies. MJ is also a member of Pi Beta Phi and works as a social media intern with Common Grounds. She has a passion for working with people and the little things in life.

As for future plans, MJ hopes to do PR and social media for a nonprofit. Where? That part is still up in the air. But first, she is planning to be a flight attendant for a few of those post-grad years. She has the travel bug and doesn’t want to settle down just quite yet!


Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

Julia Lawrenz is sophomore communication specialist major with a business minor. Born and raised in San Diego, California. Julia loves all things California from the beach to the sun, and even California burritos. Despite her love for California she has a soft spot for Texas, cowboy boots, and country music.

In her free time, she likes to hike Cameron Park, hang out with friends, and her all-time favorite is getting an iced coffee from Starbucks.

Julia has always had a joy for meeting and talking to people. That is what started her love of the communications world. She aspires to work in television broadcast as a news anchor.


Savannah Cooper | Broadcast Reporter

Savannah is a junior journalism-news editorial major with a french minor.

She grew up just outside of Washington D.C. in McLean, Virginia and spent her high school years in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Growing up, she has always been the new kid, so the development of her conversational skills with strangers grew exponentially. Such a skill led her into the journalism field. Through her passion for writing, Savannah hopes to publicize stories and moments and people who normally aren’t deemed newsworthy. This year, Savannah will be reporting on sports and news within the Baylor community.

Outside of making deadlines, you can find Savannah traveling or looking for the nearest Panera for comfort food (and wifi). In addition to The Lariat, she’s President of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and membership chair for Women of G.O.L.D.


Noah Torr | Broadcast Reporter

Noah Torr is a freshman Journalism major and grew up in the fine city of Cedar Park, Texas (about 30 minutes north of Austin).

He has an unhealthy obsession with professional sports (especially the NBA) and Baylor athletics. As a broadcast reporter, he gets to spend as much time around Baylor athletics as his editors allow. Outside of his broadcasting duties, Noah is a part of the student radio staff, a writer about the NBA, and hosts his own podcasts.

Noah hasn’t necessarily experienced a lot of Baylor since he’s a freshman, so I wouldn’t ask him where to study or where the best place is to eat, because he might say the Penland cafeteria (just kidding, probably Chick-Fil-A).


Jenna Welch | Broadcast Reporter

Jenna Welch is a senior Film & Digital Media major with a Corporate Communications minor.

She lives in Seal Beach, California and is a beach girl at heart. Jenna has grown up singing and doing musical theater her whole life, so it’s safe to say she lives to entertain. Even though the adventure from California to Texas was quite the culture shock, she has thoroughly enjoyed her years at Baylor. Jenna loves hanging with her friends and being involved in her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha.

The past three years she has worked for Baylor Vision, but is excited to start her journey with the Lariat for her senior year! Jenna would like to see herself as a broadcast reporter for a major news station and maybe even an anchor on the Today show. She thanks the Lord for all of her blessings and gives the glory to Him.


Kennedy Dendy| Broadcast Reporter

Kennedy is a junior journalism-public relations major with a media management minor from Grapevine, Texas. She began her broadcast journey as a sports reporter for BaylorVision during her freshman year and now enjoys writing and reporting as a broadcast reporter for “Lariat TV News.” She also loves working both on and off camera for “Lariat TV News Today.”

Kennedy is always chillin’ at a new coffee shop or restaurant in Dallas when she’s not working and studying during the school year. When not in the newsroom, you can find Kennedy on the tennis courts, watching movies with friends, listening to R&B music or discovering new places to eat around Waco. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, the vice president for The National Association of Black Journalists, secretary for the Public Relations Student Society of America and serves as a student ambassador for the Department of Journalism, Public Relations and New Media.

Kennedy will be graduating from Baylor in December, a semester early, and she plans to further her career in broadcast journalism after graduation. She aims to give a voice to the voiceless in her work and hopes to use her passion for urban outreach in her storytelling. Her goals include working her way up in the broadcast world to become a host or correspondent for a national network. Hosting her own television show is a dream she hopes to reach one day!


Emma Whitaker| Broadcast Reporter

Emma Whitaker is a Junior from Temple, Texas. She is a journalism major, specializing in Public Relations.

Emma loves to report on politics and spiritual life on campus. Emma is an artist and paints often, especially at Cameron Park. This past summer she spent a life-changing eleven weeks at KAA, a camp for urban youth.

Outside of the Lariat world, you will see her having a pretty good life. She loves hanging out with her life group and telling people about Jesus.



Melanie Pace| Broadcast Reporter

Melanie Pace is a junior University Scholar major concentrating in public relations and French.

Melanie is from Shreveport, Louisiana. She loves hanging out with her friends, going to Wing Stop, and shopping online. She plans to pursue a career in law where she can incorporate her love of writing and journalism.





Caroline Waterhouse | Broadcast Reporter










Cameron Stuart | Radio Director

Cameron Stuart is a senior from Rockland, MA and is a Communications major with a News Editorial minor.
It is Cameron’s first semester as Lariat Radio Director but in the past he has worked as a play by play broadcaster for BLR calling Baylor baseball and basketball games. This past summer, Cameron worked as a play by play broadcaster in the prestigious Cape Cod Baseball League for the league champion Wareham Gatemen.

In his little free time, Cameron enjoys napping, rooting on his Boston sports teams and Liverpool FC, and lose himself in the musical stylings of his favorite band, Oasis.

Upon graduation, Cameron wishes to pursue a sports broadcasting career or return to his “third home” of London.


Thomas Marotta | Play-by-Play Announcer

Thomas Marotta is a sophomore from San Antonio, Texas, who is double majoring in Communication Studies and Psychology. He grew up in a large family, with an older sister, twin brother, and a younger sister. In addition to working for Lariat Radio, he works for ESPN Central Texas.

From a young age, he has been a huge San Antonio Spurs and New York Giants fan. When not studying, you can find him at Baylor sporting events, especially football and men’s basketball. He also loves reading and discussing sports, politics, and psychology.

After graduating from Baylor University, he plans on attending graduate school in the field of psychology with the purpose of becoming either a clinical, sports, or educational psychologist.


Drew Heckman | Play-by-Play Announcer

Drew is a senior Entrepreneurship/Risk Management double major from San Antonio, Texas. Drew is a sports broadcaster for Baylor Lariat Radio that focuses primarily on Baylor football and Men’s/Women’s basketball, but loves any opportunity to show his passion for all sports.

Drew is also involved in the Sigma Tau Transfer Honor Society and the Baylor Wake team. When not broadcasting for Baylor Lariat Radio, Drew enjoys watching/attending any live sporting event, especially Baylor football and the San Antonio Spurs, and golfing whenever he can.