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Spring 2018 Staff 

Bailey Brammer | Editor-in-Chief

Bailey Brammer is a junior journalism-news editorial major with a history minor.

She grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, where she had cacti for neighbors and despite plenty of sunshine, she has never been able to achieve a decent tan. When she isn’t in the newsroom (which let’s face it, isn’t all that often), she can be found cooking, hiking, or spending time with her friends at one of Waco’s hidden hole-in-the-wall restaurants. She considers herself a self-proclaimed sushi connoisseur, and is always in the middle of binging a new show on Netflix. She also has an adorable, spoiled long-haired dachshund named Bear, who acts more like a cat than a dog.

After Bailey graduates from Baylor, she plans to attend graduate school in either California or Arizona and continue her education in the field of journalism. Eventually, she would like to work for a publication as a managing editor or writer, or become the first female NFL head coach (but the former seems more likely).


Didi Martinez | Digital Managing Editor 

Didi Martinez is a senior political science and journalism-new media double major from Katy, Texas.

As her major suggests, she has enjoys learning about politics. Always liking a good challenge, she likes researching and explaining difficult concepts through her writing.

Other interests include napping (most people say that she doesn’t get enough sleep), listening to Michael Bublé and finding coffee drinks that have the perfect bitter to sweet ratio.

Eyes always set on the future, she hopes to finally keep up with a diary and stop packing for trips at the last minute.


Rewon Shimray | Cartoonist

Rewon is your typical Austinite: loves the outdoors, eats a vegetarian diet, almost exclusively wears open-toed shoes, and can not stop drawing.

Although she is your typical quiet middle child, her dream job is anywhere and any position where she can speak up for those that are too easily ignored or missed. With a major in journalism news editorial and minors in studio art and religion, Rewon hopes to work in a non-profit to address areas in poverty.

She was a youth ministry intern at her home church Bannockburn Baptist Church this past summer, and is currently interning with the Bring Me Hope Organization. Integrating her talents with her love for Christ is not only a priority in her life, but also a joy.


Penelope Shirey | Design Editor 











McKenna Middleton | Opinion Editor
McKenna calls the small, humble town of Los Angeles, California home and double majors in Spanish and journalism news-editorial at Baylor University as a junior.
McKenna is a vegetarian, but loves the smell of bacon; can’t draw a decent stick figure, but loves to wander art galleries; lives to cook, but detests baking; can play a grand total of four chords on the guitar, but makes sure to take advantage of every opportunity to see concerts. On the record, her favorite thing about Baylor is the Lariat. Off the record, her favorite thing about Baylor is Joy and Lady, our resident bears.


Meredith Wagner | Arts and Life Editor

A journalism new-media major with minors in studio art and environmental studies, Meredith wants to discover creative, cutting-edge ways to talk about and experience the world around her. She loves getting her hands dirty with charcoal and working long days in the garden, walking leisurely through big cities and hiking up tall mountains. Meredith calls the cozy town of Omaha, Nebraska her home, but she doesn’t like corn, and she will try very hard to convince you that Nebraska has more to offer than you initially thought.

Inside the newsroom, Meredith enjoys the full circle of news production — writing, reporting, designing, social media-ing. Outside the newsroom, you can find her teaching yoga (the aerial kind), consuming specialty coffee and modeling for figure drawing classes. She is working tirelessly at breaking her bad habit of writing sentences that are inappropriately long. She asks for your patience and grace in the meantime.


Kalyn Story | News Editor

Kalyn is a sophomore studying Journalism, Political Science and Sign Language Interpretation. She’s from Chicago, IL (she’s from the city, not the suburbs and she’d love to talk to you about the difference).

She is passionate about Jesus, Chicago, social justice, hockey and sushi. Her other loves include but are not limited to traveling, Chance The Rapper, The Office, and laughing at her own jokes. She’ll try just about anything once and is excited for her fourth semester working for the Lariat.



Kaitlyn DeHaven | Web and Social Media Editor

Kaitlyn is a junior University Scholars major from Austin, TX but can more accurately be described as a dancing coffee addict who also really loves dogs (but no dog as much her brown, fluffball, yorkipoo Mocha).

She drives a white Mini Cooper named “Vanilla Bean” and believes making forts is good for the soul because it allows you to escape reality for a moment or two. She also expresses her personality through her wide array of random socks, so catch her on campus wearing knee-high socks with donuts on them. Her happiest place is in autumn, where you can find her curled up in an oversized sweater, listening to the Head and the Heart, reading Jane Austen and drinking peppermint tea.

When she grows up, she really wants to be a famous ballerina but most likely will just try to see the world, learn as many languages as possible and run a magazine. It’s casual.


Nathan Keil | Sports Editor

Nathan Keil is a third-year graduate student at Truett Seminary, where he studies sports ministry.

Nathan is originally from Northwood, Ohio, but after moving to Los Angeles for a teaching position, he met his wife Amber and now considers the west coast home.

He enjoys an eclectic mix of interests including college and professional sports, indie rock music, independent film, coffee shops and traveling whenever possible.

When not serving as the Lariat Sports Editor and covering Baylor athletics, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their dog, Stuart.

Following graduation, Nathan would like to write and cover sports in the Southern California area and one day hopes to complete a screenplay.


Molly Atchison | Print Managing Editor

Molly is a junior journalism and international studies major from Phoenix, Arizona. She spends her free time debating the validity of the oxford comma and searching for the best way to eat whatever she wants without gaining weight.

Molly loves horses, dogs and even her princess of a cat named Lilo. The other parts of her life are dedicated to Zeta Tau Alpha, the Baylor Riding Club and copious amounts of studying. Instead of entering the working world after college, Molly plans to take a year and couch surf the world, seeing and photographing as much as humanly possible. She enjoys long walks on the beach, preferably in the rain (because rain smells really good, and the sand isn’t hot) and the best way to win her heart is to buy her coffee — but that’s what all college students say, right?

When she’s not in the newsroom, she’s most likely covered in fluffy blankets with her new favorite book or watching reruns of Gilmore Girls.


Brooke Hill | Copy Editor

Brooke is a sophomore Journalism/English double major from Garland, Texas. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and the Pursue mentoring program.

She enjoys writing feature stories and covering events in the Baylor/Waco community. She loves pizza, attending Baylor sporting events, curling up with a good book, traveling as many places as possible and is obsessed with all things Disney.




Julia Vergara | Staff Writer

Julia Vergara is a sophomore journalism, PR major from Katy, Texas who has always loved being a writer.

She is a member of the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC) and serves as an ambassador for the Journalism, Public Relations and New Media department.

Outside of school and working for The Lariat, Julia enjoys watching Friends, drinking coffee (all day, every day) and baking. Her all-time favorites are spaghetti, candy, and museums.

After she graduates, she plans to pursue a career in Public Relations and live in the Museum District of Houston.


Reagan Ebb | Staff Writer

Abigail Reagan is a junior, a Journalism New Media major with a communication minor. She grew up in Leominster, Massachusetts, with a golden retriever and a younger (but MUCH taller) sister.

She is a proud mom of two happy cats, and one overly excited dog. Her interests include murder mystery novels, fuzzy socks, and Netflix binging. She has strong passions for animals and travel, and hopes to one day visit all 257 countries. Reagan runs a small travel blog and would love to tell you about the 17 countries she’s explored.

When not studying, you can find her cuddling with her dog, Ellie, enjoying a Parks & Rec marathon, or taking a fat nap on the Castellaw couches. Regardless of the location, an empty Starbucks drink will be nearby.

In the future, Reagan hopes to write for Travel & Leisure magazine, or make it big as a travel influencer.


Micaela Freeman | Staff Writer

Micaela is a sophomore English Literature major who grew up in Nashville, Tennessee with her mom, two siblings, and 50lb beagle named Lulu.

She is a member of the Cross Country and Track teams at Baylor University and is also a staff member of the literary magazine, The Phoenix.

When she isn’t writing for The Lariat or running miles on miles, she likes to hike, drink too much coffee, and attend music festivals. Her favorite food is nachos and can drink an entire pot of coffee in one sitting.


Collin Bryant | Columnist

Collin Bryant is a junior Pre-Law journalism (PR) major and a Legal, Reasoning, and analysis minor. He is completely coffee dependent (Pete’s Coffee needs to be in Waco) a beyond a shadow of a doubt football fan and all around hype man to anyone with a talent.

A St. Louis kid who moved to Texas a very long time ago, Collin grew up in the Woodlands, TX. It was there he discovered he loved an array of subjects/activities, and was always looking to dabble in something new. Rather it be singing in theatre, hosting school events, Varsity golf, or Destination Imagination.

When not in the newsroom, you can find Collin on a golf course, cooking in his apartment because he loves to eat, or at the gym. He also loves talking with friends about various topics to gain insight and opinion for his Podcast Bear’s Speak, or planning new events as VP of Pre-Law Society.

For his career, he hopes to either write and broadcast for ESPN, or, go to Law School and become a political analyst.


Max Calderone | Sports Writer

Max Calderone is a junior corporate communications major with a journalism – news editorial minor.
He was born in chilly Chicago, Illinois, but lived most of his life in the dry heat of Phoenix, Arizona. He is an avid sports fan, music aficionado, and self-proclaimed word geek. Max has a deep-rooted love for the game of baseball and though his playing days are over, he loves being around the sport in any capacity.
When he isn’t on-air hosting Don’t Feed The Bears or calling a Baylor game, you can find Max in the stands at a Baylor sporting event, arguing why the Chicago Cubs will win another World Series before he dies, or plotting a road trip to visit every MLB stadium in one summer.

Ben Everett | Sports Writer

Ben Everett is a junior Business Fellows major with a minor in journalism. He is a fan of all things sports but has a major inclination towards basketball.

Ben is a native of Kansas City, KS, but attended middle and high school in Monroe, LA, so he knows a thing or two about the south.

In his free time, he likes to play basketball, watch basketball, play video games with friends, and listen to a wide variety of music.

Aside from the Lariat, Ben enjoys being an active member of Zeta Zigga Zamma and the FUMC Waco College Ministry.

In the future, Ben wants to work in basketball operations with an NBA team.


Adam Gibson | Assistant News Editor

Adam Gibson is a junior majoring in journalism-new media with an emphasis in business from Tyler, Texas. He recently moved to McKinney, Texas where has lived for about a year outside of Waco.

Adam loves listening to music, anything sports related, going to church, working out, hanging out with friends and is a member of Beta Upsilon Chi (BYX). His favorite sport is definitely football, but is interested in just about every sport ranging from high school football to professional soccer. He enjoys watching his favorite TV shows The Office, Breaking Bad and New Girl.

He hopes to someday work for a sports network as a writer or editor.


Jessica Hubble | Multimedia Editor

Jessica Hubble is a senior journalism major and entrepreneurship minor from Arlington, Texas. Being from the home of the Texas Rangers she is an avid Rangers baseball fan.

She has two cats named Troubadour and Aria. Aria is named after the Game of Thrones character, her favorite TV show. She is also an avid outdoors woman who loves to camp, fish, hunt, hike and anything else that involves being outside. This is an attribute that most people don’t expect from her. Her family and her friends always come first and quality time with them is most precious to her.

She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and enjoys working with Habitat for Humanity. She has a passion for working with her hands, especially when it involves helping other people. She has been on several mission trips where she built wheel chair ramps, picnic tables, and even once re-roofed a house. She loves to be involved on campus and is soaking up as much Baylor spirit and traditions as she can before she’s thrown into the real world in May.


Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

Rylee Seavers is a sophmore journalism major, political science minor from Phoenix, Arizona.

Seavers spent her summer travel writing in Budapest, Hungary. She loves reading, politics, travel and jazz music. She is fascinated by languages and is studying Russian at Baylor. Her favorite place is New York City, where she hopes to live one day.

When not studying, or working in the newsroom, Seavers can be found reading a good book with a large cup of coffee nearby.


Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

Tharp was born and raised in San Antonio and was once a gymnast, then a cheerleader, now a broadcast reporter. She is a junior with a Communication Specialist major; specializing in broadcast television.

Elisabeth interviewed and was offered a job by Billy Kim. She has interviewed a 2016 Rio Olympian, covered many major events around the Baylor campus and the Waco community, and has covered Big XII sports events. This semester she will be serving as the Sports Broadcast Reporter for LTVN covering everything Baylor sports.

Outside of the Lariat Elisabeth likes to spend time playing and napping with her 2 year old sheltie, Lucy.


Christina Soto | Broadcast Managing Editor

Christina Soto is a senior, journalism news editorial major with a leadership minor from Miami, Fl. She is a purebred Hispanic and enjoys embracing her Cuban and Colombian culture. Christina lived in Barranquilla, Colombia for three years where she learned to take pride in being a Latina woman.

Since Christina was a little girl, she’s carried a notepad and pencil to write down everything she sees and the answers to questions she asks people. Christina and her family knew she was born to be a journalist from her inquisitive nature and passion to write.

Christina not only loves to write, but enjoys taking pictures and traveling as well. If you are ever looking for Christina you will most likely find her in the news room, at the gym or on the beach.     


Branson Hardcastle | Broadcast Reporter

Branson Hardcastle is a junior journalism- public relations major with a religion minor from McKinney, Texas. He is an active member of Zeta Zigga Zamma and enjoys anything sports related.

When not in the newsroom, you can find Branson playing basketball at the Student Life Center, watching The Office or hanging out with his friends. He also loves to watch movies from an array of genres, but his three favorites are comedy, action and rom-coms. He is a firm believer that hotdogs are in fact sandwiches and he will whole-heartedly defend his stance in an argument.

In the future, Branson hopes to work in public relations for an NBA team or a shoe and apparel company.


Meredith Aldis | Broadcast Reporter

Meredith Aldis is a senior journalism- new media major with a criminal justice minor from Cypress, Texas.
She is a three-time Acrobatics and Tumbling National Champion and a three-time Academic All Big 12 athlete at Baylor University. Her identical twin sister, Madison is also on the Acrobatics and Tumbling team, but don’t get confused, Meredith’s jersey number is 13 and Madison is number 25. Meredith can’t cook, so Madison is the chef, but Madison can’t clean, so Meredith does the laundry and dishes.
Meredith spent one summer at KATV Channel 7, the ABC affiliate in Little Rock, Arkansas and has contributed to Baylor LTVN for the past two semesters.
Following graduation, Meredith would like to be a sports reporter with no specific location in mind.


Andrew Cline | Radio Intern

Andrew Cline is a junior communication specialist major and a business administration minor from Houston, TX.

A former basketball player in high school, Andrew loves all things sports related (especially baseball and basketball). He is an avid fan of the Houston sports teams, but his favorite without question is the Houston Astros. When he is not entranced in sports, Andrew enjoys being outdoors, listening to country music, eating too much Mexican food, and watching movies.

His future career goal is to either be a television analyst for ESPN or to be the general manager for a professional baseball team.